I can’t forgive someone who hasn’t said sorry

Unburdened Heart_Daisy

Dear Suzie, you say that forgiveness is the foundation of healing, but what if the person doesn’t deserve forgiveness?

I can’t forgive someone who isn’t sorry and who continues to hurt people. I want to heal, but if forgiving is part of that, then I don’t know what to do.

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Comparison is good for no one


A few years ago a fellow author was receiving the full treatment: publicity tours, media, a huge print run out of the gate.

I was excited for her.

I also felt a twinge.

What if I had that opportunity?

Immediately I sensed the Holy Spirit gently pull me out of the path called comparison. [Read more...]



We were rooming together in Ecuador. Shawna, my friend with Compassion International, pointed out a scar on my shoulder.

“You’ve been marked,” she said. She pulled her sleeve up. “We both have.”

She had melanoma. I had skin cancer. I have five scars, most of them hidden, where the doctor removed the harmful cells.

Then there’s the scars she didn’t see.

I have a significant scar where surgeons removed breast cancer at the age of 32.

I have stretch marks.

A scar across my stomach where my appendix burst.

We’re marked. [Read more...]

Stay down, or get up?


Wow, I just screwed up in a huge way.

What do you do when you fail? We really have only two options. . . we can stay down or we can get up. [Read more...]

The value of now


My Internet was down so I went to the local university. A deadline was impending, and I pounded out the words.

When I stepped out of the lab, two trees towered over me. The leaves were mauve, almost see-through purple, with hints of pink, red, and green.

In the distance the hills had started to splash with color.

And to think I almost missed it. [Read more...]

Hey mama, don’t take it personal


Today’s topic is a Throwback Tuesday


When your memories as a child were painful, you can become super sensitive to the words from your own children. After all, you want better for your children.

So when you try hard and they still throw a tantrum, or say “I hate you,” or embarrass you in the grocery store, you might want to take it personal.

Hey, don’t you know how much I love you!

Why are you embarrassing me?

Don’t you see what I do for you?

But this is the scoop:

Your child is a work in progress.

She has no idea of your past pain and that’s a gift. You’ve given her innocence and a childhood. [Read more...]

When interruptions aren’t interruptions at all


I arrived home from She Speaks ready to jump in to my dreams.

My white board was clean and ready for a brainstorming session. My fingers were itching to hit the keyboard.

24 hours later life hit.

One week passed. Two. Three.

And there I was, interrupted. [Read more...]

Is your fear of disappointing others keeping you from your best yes? {{giveaway}}

Is your fear of disappointing others keeping you from your best yes? [Read more...]