I want to be a prayer warrior

following Jesus

It was time to pray

I spent the last two weeks with someone close to me, who was undergoing medical tests. One night I woke up and she was sick. Really sick. She couldn’t catch her breath. I started to karate chop on her back (she asked, I promise) to break up the crud that was stealing her air.

She was in a battle.

So was I. Chop. Chop. Chop. Up and down her back I went, but inside I warred against principalities and powers on her behalf.

Anytime you bring up words like “principalities and powers,” it’s open to misunderstanding. Yet when I began my Come With Me journey three years ago, I couldn’t help but notice that Jesus prayed. He pulled away to be alone with God, sometimes all night.

If Jesus is the Son of God — and he is — why didn’t he just talk to God throughout the day?

What was happening in those alone times, and what does it tell you and me about prayer?

Prayer is intimate

Jesus spent time in prayer because of his relationship with God.

When we begin to see prayer as connection with God, something changes in our prayers. They aren’t a bunch of hurried words over a meal, and certainly not a duty. Prayer is living. It’s conversation. It’s communion.

It redefines what it means to be a believer, because we start to really believe that God is who he says he is.

Prayer is emotional and spiritual rest

In scripture, we see that Jesus was exhausted at times. He often prayed for people from sunup to sundown. There was a time that he barely made it to a boat before he curled up and went into a deep sleep. He was so tired that a massive storm didn’t wake him up.

I’ve been that tired before. Have you?

We can walk around in a zone, exhausted out of our minds. Whether it’s because we have a house full of people who need us, or a ministry that we love but it’s weighty, or because we haven’t lived in balance for a long time, we find ourselves mentally and spiritually empty.

Prayer took Jesus from the bottom of empty to full. It’s our promise as well.

Prayer is transformational

Prayer changes the world.

Prayer changes people and situations.

Prayer changes us.

I can’t tell you that one is more important than the other. It all works together as we pray.

The night that I beat on my friend’s back, she started coughing and stuff started moving (gross!) and her airways opened. Her back was red and I was a little embarrassed at my enthusiasm.

“Wow, what was going on back there?” she said.

I didn’t know how to explain it. As I prayed, the situation transitioned from my limited abilities (chop, chop, chop) to spiritually battling for her.

I want that in every aspect of my lives.

I’m not talking about praying and things magically turning out the way I hope. Rather, I want prayer to align my life and my will with God.

There’s power in prayer, friends, and we desperately need to tap into it. Not for personal gain, but to rediscover what is available to us as believers.21dayadventures

Over the next year I’m hosting a series of 21-day adventures.

In just a few days I’m starting the first of that series. It’s called 21 Days to Revolutionary Prayer. Whether anyone joins me or not (and I pray that thousands do), I’m taking this journey for myself.

I long to go deeper. I long to walk with Jesus as the disciples did, because I’m a disciple. I desire to rediscover the power of prayer.

Will you invite your friends to join? Your Bible study group? Your family?

Most of all, I want you to join in 21 Days to Revolutionary Prayer which begins on November 1st. Every day we’ll take one step deeper together as prayer warriors.

If you haven’t subscribed to the blog, will you do that today? Will you tell a friend so that she can join us too?

Subscribe to my blog

I’ll see you here on Tuesday, November 1.

Let’s discover what God has for us as we push deeper into the power of prayer together!


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Taking off our superwoman cape!


I’m not Superwoman

That has never been more evident than right now.

I’m slowing it down a bit in November to refuel. I’m out of balance and I know it. The thing is, I didn’t used to slow down. I pushed until the candle flickered, caught fire, spread to the kitchen curtains, and burned the house down.

I’m the house, just in case you missed my clever analogy. [Read more…]

Let’s get real about our junk


We’ve all got junk.

One day I want to write a book with that title.

You’d pick that book up, right?

It’s easy for me to point out your junk, and ignore (or justify) mine.

There’s junk that accidentally got packed from childhood. There’s junk that slipped in when that boy said, “I’d date you if you wore a sack over your head.” (Word, 13-year-old boys can be mean.) [Read more…]

What I choose to remember {{giveaways}}


If you came over from Encouragement for Today, welcome! Today I shared one of our family’s private battles, and that’s with my sweet guy’s dad. We love him so much.

All this month we’ve talked about living fully, and Alzheimers disease is teaching us a lot about this subject. Check out the devo and let’s take it deeper here. ~ Suzie


I don’t remember

That’s a phrase we hear often from my father-in-law. Sometimes he acts ornery, or even silly about it. He doesn’t remember, and it’s hard. His silliness is a cover up. We all know it, and we wish it was different for him.

My father-in-law’s battle with Alzheimers disease is teaching us the power of remembering.

You see, sometimes I pick and choose what to remember.

I may remember everything that a person does wrong, but conveniently forget that time I made the same mistake and found mercy.

I might remember a rocky road to progress, and forget that failure is part of learning.

I hyper focus on last month’s tight budget, and forget how God has come through time after time.

If he could, my father-in-law would tell us that remembering the good is important.

Not too long ago he looked over at his wife of almost 60 years, and said, “Are you my sister?”

“No, I’m your wife.”

He grinned. “Really?” He looked at her closer. “Wow, I did good!”

I want to remember to tell Richard that I did well when I chose to walk down the aisle with him. I want to remember that friendships are worth working through conflict. I want to remember that I’ll never achieve a dream if I’m not willing to take a risk.

I want to remember that spending time with family is a beautiful gift.

Just as important, I want to forget or let go of those things that consume too much head space with too little fruit to show for it.

We don’t have forever . . . well, I take that back. We do have forever. ♥ I just don’t want to make it to eternity and regret that I spent my years here on earth  remembering all the wrong things.



Does prayer seem complicated to you?

As I walked with Jesus in my “Come With Me” journey, I realized just how personal and simple prayer really is.


I also rediscovered how powerful it is.

I’m so excited about the first #ComeWithMe 21-Day Challenge: 21 Days to Revolutionary Prayer.

This is the first in 13 series over the next year. The goal is to help each of us step deeper into faith, and for our faith to impact the world around us.

All you have to do to be a part is to subscribe to this blog.

To celebrate today’s Encouragement for Today devo and the new 21 Day Challenge series, I’m giving away two copies of Come With Me: Discovering the Beauty of Following Where He Leads.

If you haven’t read this life changing book yet, here’s a link to a free chapter.

If you are already subscribed, share a comment below and you’ll be entered in the giveaway. If you haven’t subscribed, and you do, share that in the comments and you’ll be entered!

Regardless of whether you win a book, my heart is to stand shoulder to shoulder with women of faith all over the nation who desire to take their faith deeper, and to impact a world because of it.

~ Suzie


What if you took the restrictions off your dreams?


I have a dream!

Those are the words of one of my greatest heroes, but unfortunately I’ve let a dream sit on the shelf for 15 years.

I keep saying, “one day” but doing nothing about it.

There is a long list of reasons that this dream doesn’t seem feasible, but it hasn’t gone away. It’s always there, right at the edge and I just push it away.

Celebrating 25 years as a cancer survivor has reminded me that we don’t always get “one day.”

So I’m going to do something about it.

The greatest restrictions on our dreams are often self-inflicted.

My first step is to stop making excuses. My second to stop blaming others.

Then it’s time to take the restrictions off.


Restriction #1: It doesn’t make sense

It’s never going to make sense. In fact, the longer I’ve put it off the less sense it makes.

It’s a dream.

Dreams don’t take shape in concrete form. They unfold. They have a beginning. They start somewhere and it’s usually small.

Today I will break down the dream into doable parts and put one brushstroke on the canvas. I’m not putting a time line on it. I’m not trying to do it all this week.

What’s your dream?

Is it something that God has burned on your heart and, as much as you run from it, is it still there?

That dream might not make sense until you arrive. Even then you might look back and see that the trust journey was the best part of going after your dream.


Restriction #2: It’s not going to work

So what? Your dream isn’t about receiving awards or affirmation. It’s the beauty of living out that dream.

I have no idea how people will respond to this particular dream, but I know how I feel about it.

That’s what matters — me, God, my family.

If it’s a huge success, awesome. If it’s not, awesome. I pursued my dream!


Restriction #3: It takes time that I don’t have

One of the saddest things I’ve read in a long time is a list of regrets from people facing the end of their lives. One of the biggest regrets is how they spent their time.

I have time for my faith.

I have time for Facebook.

I have time for writing deadlines.

I have time for family.

I have time for ministry.

These aren’t in any particular order, but they are what consumes my time. There’s more, but these are the biggies.

I’m crushed with things that take my time, just like most women. So, in order to remove this restriction I have to be honest about what takes my time.

I don’t have to do all of the things that I do. Some are nonnegotiable, like family (I like them a lot). Yet even in these really important parts of your life, there’s room for compromise.

I didn’t like putting Facebook on the list for you to see, but I have to be honest with myself. I love using it for ministry. I love keeping in touch with friends, but if I’m honest about how much time it consumes I see a self-inflicted dream killer.

Facebook needs a lot less of Suzie and I need a lot less of it.

I can sit down and examine everything I do and either reassign, remove, or replace it. This is going to be my biggest challenge, but I believe it will offer my best return.

What about you?

What are your time stealers?


Are you ready to take the restrictions off your dreams?

Who put them there?

What will you do about it?


livefreethursday sm

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Facebook Live broadcast: Permission not to be superwoman


I’m worried about you. . .

Sometimes I just need permission to not be superwoman. Just the other day my friend, Holley Gerth, sent an email. it read: I’m worried about you.

In essence, she was giving me permission to take off the cape.

I needed that.

Do you?

Join us this Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. for the LIVE broadcast. Holley Gerth, Jennifer Watson, and I will talk about the areas where we’ve struggled and hopefully give each other permission to just be.

We don’t have to have all the answers. We don’t have to fix everyone and everything. In fact, it’s not really very healthy.

So, come on over and join in on Tuesday. Jennifer will be the one in the Superman shirt. All I could find was a Ninja Turtle shirt, so Holley and I’ll be her sidekicks!

How do you tune in?

Connect with my beautiful and awesome friend Holley Gerth on her FB page. This is where the LIVE broadcast will take place at 3:30.

Connect with me on my FB page where we’ll take the conversation deeper afterwards.

You don’t want to miss connecting with my super funny and deeply wise friend, Jennifer Watson.


What cancer taught me about living


He was wearing his Susan G. Komen T-shirt.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the shirt. It was from our celebration a couple of weeks ago.

It read: September, 2016. Survivor.

Suddenly I was lost in time. It was 25 years ago. I was a young mom in a sterile hospital room. A team of doctors had just left, and we were stunned by their news.

Richard slid down the wall, his head in his hands, weeping. I sat in the bed stunned, my left side wrapped in gauze. A tube in my side.

We found something, they said. 

They had already found a large tumor. It was cancerous. Then they found malignant lymph nodes. Now they found a suspicious shadow on the MRI.

Every time the doctors came in to the hospital room, the team got larger. We quickly realized that more doctors meant more bad news.

We started with one doctor.

This time there were five.

[Read more…]

When God is leading you in a new direction


For years I’ve talked about healing and forgiveness.

It will always be part of my story, but I’ve longed to step into new waters for a long time.

I want to gather all of those healed and healing women and stand shoulder to shoulder with them. I want to go into the highways and byways and into the hedges and scoop up other women who don’t know Jesus yet, or his healing power and lead them to Christ.

I long to shout out from the rooftops that we are strong. [Read more…]