God showed up!

This past weekend was amazing. The scenery was incredible. High in the Rockies, snow swirling. A quaint skiing community with pine trees caked in white powder, snug against the highest mountain peaks.

But there are others pictures in my heart. Like the 20-something woman wrapped in an older woman’s arms, sitting against the wall lost in God as they prayed together. Or the women who clustered together, laughing and having a blast. Or the women who pulled me aside after, sharing their heart and their stories. Their friendship. Their faith.

I love it when God shows up. I love it when I know that a pivotal moment has taken place, that transformation or a new perspective will take a woman in an entirely different direction.

I love it when I’m at a retreat and God ministers to me through incredible worship, or new friends. I left exhausted (Oklahoma sea level lungs were working to adjust!), but exhilarated.

I love what I do, but without God’s presence it would be just another event. I love that He showed up.

Thank you, Aurora women, for allowing me to be a small part of such an amazing weekend. I hope I see you again, real soon.



  1. It sounds like an amazing event!

  2. Suzie,
    Isn’t it just amazing? I feel the same way when our womens’ retreat is happening each year in September. God has a way of providing the best comfort, peace, love and laughter we can ask for. Glad you were ministered to while ministering. Blessings my friend. May His hand of grace continue to be upon you.

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