Buli’s blanket

The letter sat in my mailbox. Buli! I grabbed it and sat on the porch to read it.

Buli is the beautiful little girl I sponsor through Compassion. She lives in India.

Buli turned 7 this June. I sent a small monetary gift to her to celebrate her birthday. This is what her compassion worker had to say:

Dear Suzie, Buli wants to thank you for her birthday gift. She was so excited because she was able to buy a blanket, a tiffin box (a tin lunch box for school), and a bar of chocolate. It is very cold in the nights and Buli is able to wrap in her warm blanket.

Buli wrote underneath in her sweet hand these words : I love my blanket. It is so warm. Thank you for allowing me to sleep under a blanket at night. Buli

I am tearing up while writing this, and I teared up then.

A blanket.

Something so small, so utilitarian, but for Buli it means that her tiny 7-year-old body is warm while she sleeps.

Richard and I are going through our budget, praying and tightening to pay student loans. Every penny counts and we have eliminated anything that isn’t necessary. There is usually very little left over at the end of the month.

But the $38 I pay to Compassion each month is not a luxury. It’s a privilege. Knowing that a little girl is fed, educated, ministered to, and that now she sleeps warmly at night seems like such a small sacrifice. There are many, many things I would sacrifice before giving up this privilege

I don’t know if you’ve ever considered sponsoring a child, but if you have and haven’t taken action, may I prayerfully ask that you consider it today?

Is there a Buli that God is directing you to? If so, please check out the beautiful faces at Compassion who are waiting for someone just like you.



  1. Sara Taylor says:

    Thank you for this story, Suzie. I just spent an hour our two on Compassion’s site and ended up with a 7 year old named Jibin, also from India, with a smile and big ears that melted my heart. He had been waiting 6+ months for a sponsor, and there were sooo many others who were waiting as well. Thank you again for telling about Buli’s blanket, and I hope many others will be inspired to become a sponsor as well.

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