Faith: Where is God taking you in your prayer life?

How many times are my prayers about me? Well, if I’m honest, most of the time.

I pray about my ministry, or the career path my husband is taking. I pray for provision and wisdom. For my aging parents, and for those I love so much like my children and my grandbabies.

It’s not always specifically me, but definitely those things and those people linked to my heart.

This morning as I stood in my quiet house longing for God time after a busy few days, I sensed God asking me to wait before I prayed.

And then I knew where He was taking me.

To pray. . . not for me, and not even for those on my heart, but for the overwhelming needs of those so dear to God’s heart.

For those in bondage to addiction.

For those who are abused.

For those who have tried to find purpose and happiness in things, but who still feel empty.

For those who suffer for the cause of Christ.

For those little ones who long for a family and a safe place to land.

Suddenly, as I prayed, my small world and my needs took their rightful place in the scope of so many whom God loves.

In the book, “Collide” by Ben Dailey, he writes:

I couldn’t deny the Spirit’s truthful assessment of my heart. I had become self-absorbed, self-confident, self-sufficient, and every other horrible “-self” word. I thought I had the world by the tail until my desires collided with God’s heart.

It’s not that my prayers were wrong, but that they had evolved into a tunnel that only led to me, while God longed to draw me into an others-centered faith where I might glimpse those hungry for God and a Creator who hasn’t missed one single moment of their existence.

He was leading me to a collision with His heart, inviting me to a broader view of faith, and to partner in prayer with Him.

Will I continue to pray for my loved ones? For direction? For wisdom? Sure. But the underlying hope is that I will hear His heartbeat for this world and that will transcend into a prayer life that reaches beyond my own small world.

 As we approach 2013, where is God leading you in prayer?



  1. I’d like to share a story. …

    Several years ago a missionary, his wife, and their little girl were serving in Africa. His daughter suddenly became very ill and she was dying. The missionary stood by her bed weeping and crying out to God. Suddenly he heard God tell him that He had children all over the world dying. The missionary took his wife by the hand and they went outside the house and knelt in prayer. They prayed all night – for God hurting children all around the globe. They didn’t pray for their daughter while out there. In the morning they went into the house and found their daughter healed.

    God hears our prayers that are personal but He wants us to pray for those that are on His heart – the world.

  2. As you mention prayer in your devotion this day, I find myself in many of the same struggles you mention. While I pray for others, they are prayers that are still close to MY heart and MY desires. Over the past couple days, Psalm 46:10 has come up on a few occasions… “Be still and know that I am God.” While it may not deal directly with prayer, it is His reminder to me that He is bigger than me, bigger than my prayers and my desires; but rather He has a desire to answer bigger prayers than ones that center around my world. I am thankful that He is reminding me to get to know Him and pray to Him for others.

  3. “the underlying hope is that I will hear His heartbeat for this world and that will transcend into a prayer life that reaches beyond my own small world.”–what a wonderful thought for us all. Thanks for sharing!

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