My one word

We are at a crossroads. More like limbo. You know that place where you know you’re supposed to move forward, but it’s not time yet, or there’s a huge mountain to climb? So you wait for the right moment, poised, ready to take the step as soon as you know it’s time.

Because of that, as I prayed for my one word this year, I thought it would be change.

Wishful thinking. But the word that I heard was much more clear.



My focus this year will be to live life fully as a forgiver. Not just the big stuff, but the litte


things. To soak in what it means to give grace as I receive it from God.

I know this won’t be an easy journey, but I believe that God desires to teach me what it really means to let forgiveness be at the heart of relationships, in the way I live, and with others who cross my path.

And perhaps that will lead to the biggest change of all. . .

Perhaps there are things that He’d like me to release so that He can better fill me up.

Perhaps this is a tool that will help us better cross to the other side.

Or maybe it’s just a response to a God who wants to teach me more, regardless of where I am or where I will be six weeks or six months from now.

Maybe you also hear that whisper as you read this.

Do you desire that forgive be your own word as well? Is that what God is speaking into your heart? If so, join me on this journey all year as we discover together what takes place in the heart of a Christ follower as we fully forgive.



  1. Freedom is my word, hope, and heart’s desire this year. I want what I know Jesus won for me. Forgiveness is certain to be on the path along with acceptance and love and humility that this is where God has called me.

  2. I want so to learn to forgive…I struggle…I struggle to show the grace and mercy I receive daily! Oh how I want to forgive!

    Thanks for sharing your heart.

  3. My word is FOCUS. I keep hearing God tell me to focus on Him, to let my irritations, my worries and all else fall by the wayside and focus on Him only. He tells me that by focusing on Him alone, He handles the rest. What a peaceful feeling!

  4. Although my one word is release, I see the blessing that is sure to come from visiting the journey you speak of. I am looking forward to making grand discoveries.
    – Blessings and Thanks

  5. Courtney VanFossen says:

    I am so used to making all these grandiose resolutions and having them fall to the wayside a few weeks later. I am so thankful that I have stumbled, quite by accident, upon your blog. I would have never thought of just one word resolutions. I do see that they are easier to work at. Which meas they are easier to keep.
    I have so many in my mind running around. Humble, pray, strength, forgive, love, happiness, Church, bible, etc. I have decided: give up control. That’s going to be the hardest, so I might as well get get the hardest ones out first. The rest will follow.
    Thank you once again for the great idea. So simple, but yet it makes the biggest impact.

  6. Suzie, my word is CHOOSE. I want to be more conscious of each choice I make this year. I am looking forward to letting God point me in the right direction as I makethose small and big choices that add up to either positive progress. I know forgiveness is one area He is pushing me to choose the right way. Looking forward to reading your book!

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