I want to move from the past to the present

Today we are jumping ahead to Chapter 6.

The Unburdened Heart study is seven weeks long, and The Unburdened Heart: Finding The Freedom of Forgiveness has 12 chapters, so we are choosing chapters where we can spend time together.

Chapter Six: You Start Fresh is my favorite chapter in the book, because it’s my forgiveness story with my mom.

This is my recent video with the Canadian Christian show 100 Huntley Street, as I share our story. It’s our video today in our study.

Do you have a desire to start fresh with a person?

Do you desire to start fresh with God?

What is one thing that comes to you as you think about Kaphar(Kaw-far) forgiveness?


  1. Your prayer for your mother brought tears to my eyes and I am so happy for your reconciliation with your mother.
    I think it must have been the social norm of that period in time to say “you made your bed, now lie in it” I was told this too-when I was a 17 y/o pregnant high school senior. I was told and then ushered out of my parents home on the day I graduated from high school, and married the next day with a marriage that ended poorly.There was all forms of abuse in the home I grew up in. And secrets and shame that I carry to this day. My prayer has always been to be a good mother to my children-I don’t know if I have succeeded because I do not know what type of measuring tool my children are using to judge me with. Yes, I think about and pray for reconciliation with my own mother-but at this time I do not seem to have reached the depth of forgiveness that I need to reach in order to try-and every day I hear a little voice saying “call your mother”-there has never been a loving relationship or communication between us so how would this process of reconciliation even begin?

    • Marilyn, it begins as we understand that we may or may not have the tools needed to forgive, but that when the Holy Spirit offers that nudge, as He speaks through His word, as He leads you to a new place in faith and courage and wholeness, that it’s not about the results, but about listening and responding to that gentle call and letting God be the boss of the results. I get it. I didn’t know how to begin either, but every time I prayed for God to transform me, to give my children something greater, He led me to this word “forgive”. Make the call as you place the results in His hand. Recognize that He may be doing a work in you that is powerful regardless of whether your mom responds to your call, but as you respond to His. . .

  2. Karen Simspon says:

    I know we are on chapter 6 here in the study. I just had to write about chapter 5. I started reading it so I can get up to chapter 6 and I was weeping reading Candy’s story. Shame is a heavy burden no one should carry. Let’s lift our sisters from shame each and every chance we get. Share Jesus, extend a hand, “Love one another”

  3. You’re creating a new dance. . . When you said that, Suzie, I teared up. That really is the key: Making new rules for ourselves and how we’ll approach a person or situation that has classically triggered resentment or other pain reactions. I love how you share that here!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story!
    Forgiveness is such a beautiful gift!

  5. What a beautiful way God transformed your family into a new strong precious branch!

    I would like nothing more than to reconcile with my friend at church, but unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen. I developed such a love for this friend and now all that I get is sorrow from her indifference. Therefore I am choosing to be wise as a serpant and gentle as a dove. I now have boundaries to where my heart will no longer be out on a platter for her.

    I choose to set that which ensnares me aside, focus on Jesus and run the race set before me. per Heb 12:1,2

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