Forgiving: Channel Mom Interview – Keys to Forgiving Part 1

Listen to Suzie shares her story and why forgiveness is so important, not just to us but to those we love.


  1. I haven’t get this book and with all the new ones coming out i’m not sure if I had heard of it. But in listening to the radio show I think that i’m really going to need to save and get it. I feel that it is my life and right now I (my husband and I) have a daughter that has been separated from us by a man. We have found out that she has cancer, but because of this person she wont see us. And we have been mad at her because she is letting this happen, but I feel that again, from the radio show. We have to forgive and just let go and pray that someday she will see what is happening. There has been a lot of them in our family’s over the years some people are gone and others still around but I think that right now this is the most important one to start with, Sorry for going on, but thank you so much!


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