30 days of growth: what you are made for


Last night I interviewed Angela Moran (on Encouragement Cafe radio). Angela is the founder of Change Purse, an organization that sells used and donated purses to free and set up safe homes for girls and women trapped in sex slave trafficking.

Three years ago she prayed this prayer, “Lord, I love purses and I love you. How can you use those to glorify you?”

When I first heard this I laughed. How could this be a serious prayer?

You may already be catching on that I am not a purse girl. I have three in my closet and they are a necessity, not an accessory for me.

But Angela LOVED purses, like many women do. That prayer led to a purse party where $600 was raised, and now three years later she and volunteers have raised $90,000 which has went to organizations across the world to help rescue and shelter girls and women enslaved in the underbelly of sex trafficking. Her organization has been featured on news programs, on radio, and in O Magazine.

She knew none of that when she prayed that prayer. 

What does this have to do with Ephesians 2?

Oh, so much. In fact, it has brought me to pray a prayer of my own today, and perhaps it will lead you there as well.

In Ephesians 2, Paul is teaching this church the power of grace.

We were dead in our sins.

When you are dead, you cannot bring yourself to life. We cannot even attempt it. Yet we can be resuscitated by another. God, through the power of the cross and Jesus, breathed life into us through grace.

This created relationship, but also an awareness of His role in our lives

Our heart now beats to know Him, and be known by Him. We stop striving to be holy, and let Him play the major role in our faith. This takes the focus off of a “try harder” religion, to becoming changed from the inside out by knowing Him.

Which leads to the last part of this passage:

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10)

Which leads me back to Angela’s prayer. Far from a silly prayer, it’s actually very much an Ephesians 2:10 prayer. 

You made me, Lord. You placed these giftings and unique abilities and desires inside of me. I love you, and I love these things. How can you use both of those loves to glorify you?

It opened the door for a stay-at-home mom who did not consider herself brilliant in business, to eventually run a non-profit that is personally responsible for the rescue and safety of hundreds of beautiful and scarred women held in bondage.

It opened the door for God to bless and anoint in His timing and in His way the offerings of her hands.

How many of us get sidetracked because we serve in ways that leave us frustrated or, worse, we do nothing at all because we think we have nothing to offer.

Last night I prayed this prayer after interviewing Angela: Lord, I love writing and I love you. What can YOU do with these two things?

It completely blew away my limitations as I placed those in His hands, expectant.

It was an acknowledgement that I am God’s handiwork and He’s put a love for writing in my DNA, and to ask Him to do good works with them, prepared in advance for me to do.

It also took the burden from my hands and placed all expectations into His. I am simply to do “the next thing” and allow Him to do with it as He will.

Underline the scripture in your Bible. (Isn’t it exciting to see it in such depth?)

Journal your thoughts. Thank God for His workmanship, those loves and desires and talents uniquely placed in you. Now, let’s pray it together:

Lord, I love {fill in the blank} and I love You. What can you do with these two things?

Share with me here what God is speaking into your heart.


 Okay, let’s pause on this and I want you to go to your closet. Are there gently used or even new

purse purses that you can donate to Change Purse? Don’t see it as a purse lost, but a woman found. Box them up and send them to:

Change Purse, 2307 West Cone Blvd, Suite 150-B, Greensboro, NC 27408.

OR, go to Change Purse and purchase a gently used purse for your friend, for you, for a sister or your mom. It will make a great Christmas present. You’ll find purses at ridiculous prices, and you can explain that every dime paid for that purse went toward helping rescue and shelter a young girl or woman, who will now discover Ephesians 1 and 2 for herself, coming alive to His love.

Or check out her kit where you and your friends can have a purse party in your own home, sell the purses and send Change Purse the profit!



  1. This is really good… I never thought about writing down my thoughts about His workmanship about me! I hope I’m not disappointed!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful understanding of how the Lord was working in her prayer. That’s a show stopper. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh how awesome this prayer is. I have wrestled with what my gifts and talents are for so very long! But since being born again in Christ, I have kept telling myself I will find out what they are! I am a believer.
    I am a child of the most high God! Everything that I have been reading or listening to has told me I am coming into my seventh year!!! Praise the Lord. He will deliver me from my all harm and hurt. I will overcome my debt, illness, chains will be loosed! Praise the Lord! So I will pray this prayer every day as I want his will to be manifested in my Life!!!
    In Jesus Name
    God Bless you

    • Sometimes it’s our hardest experiences that help us discover what we love the most. It’s those things that are inherently part of us. That rise to the top in the tough times — that we know that this is what matters. Funny, but writing is my love in what I do, but family is what I love in who I am, and even in that I see this same prayer emerging: I love my family. I love you. How can my love for these two things glorify you?
      I pray that your walk with Him in the tougher times brings you so close to Him, so dependent upon His provision both spiritually and physically, that Jesus shines through you, girl. I hear your faith in this and it’s beautiful.

  4. Annie Sutton says:

    Thankyou for this, every day I am blessed and encouraged. I have been praying for what God has for me to do. Jer. 29: 11. I have some health issues, and have been dealing with some serious depression. I am normally a happy , hard working person. I love to help others, serve, love babies . I prayed the prayer with you. I am just thinking , as you said it is in God’s hands, He knows me because He wonderfully made and loves me more than I can even comprehend. As you said, not to strive, just wait for God to show the way. Perhaps God has a purpose for the depression and all that has gone along with it. I am so thankful His Word is true and He can’t lie, or ever leave me. I don’t think I even have a purse in my closet ! Oh, how I would love to be used like that dear sister. I feel selfish asking, please pray for me, I get so scared sometimes. Thankyou, Annie

    • Annie, I pray Lord that you lift Annie High and release her from this depression! I pray Lord that you fill her with all Love. Show her the way Lord!! She is fearfully and wonderfully made Lord! All power is the Lords. We praise your name Lord!
      In Jesus Name

    • It’s a beautiful prayer, not a selfish prayer, Annie. You are so beautiful to God, so valued, so hand-crafted and loved by Him. I, too, pray that you will be loosed from depression, but what I also know is that He’s with us in the Light and He’s the Light when we are in the darkness. Your faith is incredible, and your heart is shining through here.

  5. Christy Roberts says:

    There is so much more than ever before told to my story. It is mine a s God has given me. He gave me hope for the future strength for the moment. As yet He does still. I have always excelled in writing as this will be a book one day.many classes i have taken on Proverbs. I get I joy and hope through the insight here.I use it for the ones who have been uneducated in the word. I have a good thing for the 31 as that is later. Referring the 31st day.I have a battle of my own as I read to be able to get past the past. ..my DNA is talkung, breathing and living milestones a mom never misses. The big firsts….day of jr.high..high school and driving and dates for the first time. I will continue to praise Him in this storm be grateful for the time I did have and hope for a day when…..I see them again.

    • Dearest Christy,
      I am with you my sister in faith. Everyday I wake up, I need Jesus and His strength to make it through the day. It’s been four years for me, I struggle and I’m like you I wonder how are they doing. I will be right along with you, praying and keep pushing forward! It’s hard being a mama and not able to touch your babies. Gods plans are far greater than mine and know He’s has you in the palm of His hands! So, my sister in faith, Praying for you and your boys, I too have 3 boys and miss them greatly! Blessings

  6. Christy Roberts says:

    This brought a flash of thoughts as I realized, I indeed love manyThings. I questioned how, I could combine my passion for Helping those in hardship and even as they take their last Breath. As I have taken that road less traveled. By as many potholes Fill it.my own dad lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at 52
    Mothers day. 7 years ago. Within 3 months my now ex husband Left as he took our 3 boys with. A stay home mom, now single 12 Years crumbled and stopped in the glow of the tailights I had yet to grieve the loss of my dad and now I am alone I had no resources to fight and the time to do so I had no means of support from my own family and friends. Alone as I said. Downtrodden and at the end I was different. I retained hope tho my faith shaken. I put fire into Pancan pancreatic cancer awareness. I counseled the hope- losing ones. Never sharing my own story. As I have not seen my sons in years. Money buys kids and I am still a parent a mom. No reason to be taken from me my righsts. I chose the best for them.Asci worked 12-14 hr. Nights. I knew best, I didn’t know that the ex was playing a good thing for me to not see the boys. Now 13, 14,&16 my heart is broken daily. I deeply love my boys and i have seen mothers who have been through this too. They just couldn’t afford it. I use the Blessing those in my own storm.to combine the love of my God and causes. I pray for the veil of lies and deceit to be lifted from my sons eyes and I have a hope for ONE DAY. HI how are you’s what are you doing these days. How tall you are like grandad and you have my eyes. In speaking to othes I use Jer. 29:11often. I love purple and my boys. I willbbecome a hospice nurse once I am ok financially. As I can beh all I am in song and hymnsStill trying

    • Lord, you clear through the pain to find the source and you are our healer. Heal this mom’s heart that is hurting. Bring clarity to all involved, and wrap her close in your arms and strength and wisdom. Thank you that she desires to love those in their last days with comfort and care. Open the door for her to be able to gain the skills and education she desires to take this to the next level. Be with her today. Show her that you love her so much. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  7. Thank you, thank you for you ministry that so inspired me this morning! I am praying that prayer and I already have ideas from Him!

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