30 days to growth: where has the time gone?

30 days have come and gone. Isn’t it crazy how quickly time flies by?

Some of you may question why we didn’t finish the book of Ephesians in those 30 days, but reading a book in the Bible wasn’t our goal.

Our goal was to learn how to take apart Scripture and let it become part of us.

To be challenged.

To live differently.

To learn, rather than just check off a box that says, “I read the Bible today”. 

My prayer is that you’ll continue studying and meditating Scripture, that you’ll go deeper in the Word, and in intimacy with your Savior who loves you like crazy.

I pray that you’ll journal. That you’ll carve out alone time with Christ daily. That you’ll ask the hard questions, and seek answers.

And may I promise something? I’m here to walk alongside you, sister to sister. I won’t have all the answers, but I can try to find them with you.

Another 30 days series will be launched here soon. I hope you’ll stay tuned, but I need to hear from you.

What are you hungry for in your relationship with Christ?

What do you desire to see take place in your faith? 


  1. What do I hungry after in my relationship with Christ?
    After my relationship with Christ I want more hunger not only for His Word but a more intimate relationship with Him. To do His will and to be used as an instrument of praise and worship. I want to be transformed to the woman I was created to be.

    What do I desire to see take place in my faith?
    To be used and listen to the Holy Spirit. To minister to others especially women. That my faith will be strong enough that others may want what I have and that I can freely say it comes from God and speak about Him, and speak about my testimony and sing praises for a God who transformed me to the woman He wanted me to be for His glory.

    I want to see this change in me. The good thing is I have a great church that supports my calling. I sing praises at church and they pray with me for God to continue to use me this way at our church and every where I go. Praise God!

    • To make a difference. . . what a powerful desire. I think 30 days to transformation and 30 days to impacting others is a beautiful thing. I’m putting both of those on my prayer list.

  2. I hear you. I really do. I’m so there with you, as we are starting a new church in a new state as well. It’s crazy, isn’t it? To walk into a church and feel so brand new, not knowing anyone. Especially when you had such close relationships in the last church, that felt like family. I pray that you find that body of Christ, and that, like Richard and I, you push past the discomfort zone to get to know people, to find new areas where you might have never ministered before, but that open a path God has carved out for you. Keep in touch. I want to hear how it goes.

  3. Thank you Suzie for being a women who follows and obeys the Lord. You inspire me.

    What do I hungry after in my relationship with Christ? What do I desire to see take place in my faith? I’m not sure the following truly answers your questions;)

    To have a hunger and desire to be with other Christians other then my family. To find a church that both my husband and I can worship in. We have moved to a new home in a different state.

    That I can really explain why I follow and love the Jesus. I always feel inapt with my explanation. I understand it is not i but the Holy Spirit working in me that will bring the Word to others. It’s just so empty after telling someone about the Lord. God is calling me to understand how to witness better.

    Blessings and Peace Mary

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