Feelings: Staying on course!

We’re here.

Finally here!

It only took three years, and I’ve offered peeks at our frustrations, or what it meant to trust God when doors shut.

Today I want to invite you into the Encouragement Cafe radio show as Luann and I talk in real life terms about what it means to stay the course when things aren’t going the way you thought they would.


It’s my story of hearing from God, and then waiting. . .

Maybe it’s your story of trusting God as you stay the course, moving one step at a time forward in your marriage, or as a mom, or in your ministry dreams, or as you hold tight a promise God breathed in to your heart.

Tune in here and then share what God has spoken into your heart, and how you plan to stay the course. Or what that might look like as you trust God.


  1. Tammy Smith says:

    Thanks, Suzie, for all your inspiring words of wisdom!! Can’t wait to read your books!!

  2. Thank you Suzie. This was just the encouragement and boost I needed to get back on track. 6 years ago I was hit by a semi. I have been through 15 surgeries and now have a nerve disease the doctors say will eventually paralyze me. Now during this journey I made a choice to take one day at a time. I completed 4 years of bible school and God has really changed my life. I know I heard from God I would be healed and teach women all over about the word of God. Not to mention it is all through the bible that I am already healed by the stripes on Jesus back.
    However, like you Suzie I just knew it would take place this year or that year and then instead another surgery. The last 2 months have been especially difficult for me. I usually could push through the pain or deal with therapy ok. Not so sure I am ready for my left arm or left leg to quit working but doctors are trying to prepare me for that. I can’t be left alone because of the meds they have me on. I really don’t understand but your words today reminded me I don’t need to understand I just need to trust God. I am going to get back to encouraging others, praying for others, and enjoy the little things in my day. I am blessed. I have an amazing husband, 2 awesome boys, and amazing nephews and niece who all love me.
    Also a WORD from God that I WILL BE HEALED!! Thanks again Suzie. Love your ministry.

  3. God never wastes a hurt. Wow, I sure heard that many times as I often told me own story of domestic abuse and the victory that the Lord gave me. So many big and small experiences that became too many to count. Now that I am older and think back almost 40 years to that time in my life, I have gained so much more than I ever thought possible. From cowering in the corner of my little kitchen in the fetal position and praying I could make it thru another day before the kids got home from elementary school; to driving over 300 miles in a snow storm to escape the nightmare. I was a winner! Decisions, decisions. Lots of praying and finally the sun was shining. My children graduated from college and management tech school. I had a prince charming in my remarriage for over 20 yrs. and today the difficulties of being a widow and finances are minor compared to the gift God blessed me. All the good memories I hold firmly in my heart. KNowing He will take care of me..again.

  4. Dear Suzie,
    My story of staying the course isn’t what one would expect to hear, especially at Christmas, but…

    In August I decided to leave my abusive marriage. I will deal with the tremendous guilt I have at hearing my children tell me it was “time to get a divorce” later in my life but for right now…

    I have not strayed from this path. I have stayed the course. It’s hard and it’s scary. I spend countless nights wandering around my home in the dark, sleepless. I spend many moments each day right at the brink of panic. I hear so many people tell me to rethink what I’m doing because my husband “is such a nice guy.” But I have not wavered from this path.

    Things are progressing, and hopefully I will be able to fully start my own new life by March, but for now, this life, the one I have with God and my children is enough. More than enough. In some ways, it’s the beginning, not the ending. I trust that God is leading me away from what I don’t need, and toward what is better for me.

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