Your Mended Heart Challenge: Rest in what you don’t have to do

Your Mended Heart Challenge

  • Write down the three things you don’t have to do
  • Read them every day
  • When you feel tempted to run, isolate, focus on your brokenness, rest in what you don’t have to do instead.

Mended Heart Principle

The power of the cross is not what you do, but in what has already been done for you.

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Will you pray with me for Claudia?

Lord, I thank you that you mourn with Claudia. That you know the gap left in her heart and life. That she’s brave and courageous and clinging to Your strength. Cover her, and may Your presence be so tangible that she is surprised by joy in the most unexpected ways. I ask this in Jesus’ name.


  1. Victoria says:

    Praying for you Claudia, you are an inspiration, God loves Claudia!

  2. When I lost my husband God gave me this thought. It was like walking along a beach. The waves or grief were like the waves of the ocean. As I walked I could walk along fine and then suddenly one would come hard and heavy and knock me down. Then I had a choice. I could sit there and feel sorry for myself OR I could reach up and take God’s hand and let Him lead me on. I chose to reach out and look up and God walked me through the grief and has allowed me to grow and share and become stronger for having walked through it. I pray Claudia that you will find God’s strength is more than enough and you will be stronger in the end.

  3. Praying for you Claudia and Thank you for sharing God’s strength.

  4. What a heartfelt video, Suzie. Thanks for sharing Claudia’s story, I will pray for her heart to be mended as well! Have a great weekend.

  5. My prayers are with you. I, too, lost my husband. I pray that you will feel the comfort and love of God’s arms around you. Know that you are not going through this alone, though it may seem so at times. Let God hold you in his lap when you ache for your husband. Place your ear on his chest and know that his heart beats with compassion for you. Love and prayers will be sent your way.

  6. susan douglas says:

    Claudia, i have walked this path. My prayer is you will rest and be steadfast in His love.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Praying these truths God is revealing to us reach deep into your spirit so you can rest in His peace.

  8. Prayed for you Claudia. God is faithful.

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