You’re going to be okay with Holley Gerth {giveaway}


You’re going to be okay. 

When you are in the process of healing, these are powerful words.

We need to hear them, or at least I do.

My new friend, Holley Gerth, says in her book, You’re Going to Be Okay, that you and I have everything we need to heal.

Perhaps, even now, in week seven of The Mended Heart study, you’re not certain of that.

You want to . . .


give up.

feel that you are not enough. 

Holley understands that feeling. She says:

Stress and bad days seem to empty our hearts and our hands. We think, “I’ve got nothing . . . or at least very little.” But in reality you have a lot going for you.

What is that, Suzie? What is Holley saying?


Listen close, sweet friend. 

Let this become truth. 

Your nothing is enough.


I wanted to stand in my living room and cheer as I read these words in Holley’s book!

She describes a speaker and author, Kristen Welch, who is preparing to minister when she realizes she has nothing to give. She calls her husband and asks him to pray. She’s desperate. After the event, she says:

It was in my emptiness that he [God] moved. He encouraged through my brokenness. He asked for my all and my nothing was enough.

Maybe today you feel as if you have nothing to offer.

Hold up even that.

God is sufficient. That means that He is enough when we are not. He can take our nothing, when we offer all of it, and produce something of value.

Good news, good news, good news!

Week #7 – The Mended Heart study

Read Romans 8:26-27.

Mark it. Underline it. Write it on a sticky note and put it where you can see it all week.

Q: How does God help you when you feel weak?goingtobeokay

Q: If all you have to give is nothing, what might it look like  to offer that to Jesus?
Holley Gerth is graciously giving away one autographed copy of her   new   book, You’re Going to Be Okay.

I’ll choose one lucky person from the comments below!



  1. Teresa Draper says:

    I loved this explanation; that Christ not only died to save me from my sins, but to heal me from the effects of the sins of others that have wounded my soul. I am sure that God has plans for me and that He is stronger than all my enemies: human, emotions, disease, evil, sin, you name it. Still I’m agonizing at this time and I would like to be sure that I’m doing my part correctly enough to stay out of His way. I believe that this book will help me in my battle to heal my heart.

  2. Linda Mullin says:

    I like how in your video you state after someone reads your book often don’t think or recognize we are still in the process of being transformed and have struggles etc. and how you have to re read the words God gave you. I have learned a healing takes place other things illuminate to look at and reflect. Just as reading the Bible once and re reading it or any other material gives opportunity to open and reveal my understanding and insight so it is with all things. So once again I thank you for the opportunity to share your writing Giving others opportunity to be encouraged a inspired along their journey. Another author Berne Brown the gift of imperfection, I thought it was just me, and daring greatly. The lies we believe b Dr. Chris Thurman. Confession is confessing God’s word and repentance is expressing often I am willing to believe but don’t know how. Confession:He tells us in His work He loves u with a everlasting love. Repentance: I am willing to believe You love me with an everlasting love but I don’t know how. Expressing what it is I am feeling and able to believe in the moments in my life. Feeding the right things into my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. I thank You God that I am forgiven, I thank You that I do not have to be perfect but in Your Love You perfect Your love in me, etc. When I recognize we all have sin and fall short in acknowledging I am in (we) I continue to Thank Him for His forgiveness rather than asking forgiveness. In thanking Him for His forgiveness I am acknowledging I have sin and will have sin until the day . Die and as I continue to seek His will and way and healing in my life He manifests healing into areas of my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit which helps me overcome in and through Him. Lord, I believe continue to help my unbelief. Understanding unbelief is not disbelief but areas of pain an sorrow locked inside due to circumstances and situations life dealt and the absence of knowing how to deal with them adequately in Him and thru Him learning how. When I ask Him to continue to intercede on my behalf and on behalf of others I recognize healing transformation is a process in relationship wit Him I grow in love understanding, and wisdom which increases my faith In His ability to lead, guide, direct etc. to places, answers, books, understanding that is beneficial for me and those in my path.

  3. Amber M. says:

    very neat and so encouraging, thank you to both you wonderful ladies. have a blessed week

  4. Today was the last straw for me. I started to cook the chicken pot pie that I have been making for over twenty-five years. I got out all of the ingredients but then, messed up and couldn’t find the recipe, when I did I messed up, put the potatoes in the pot with the cooked chicken, then had to separated them, put the chicken in the cream of chicken soup. I had the thin crust that is made with Bisquick all mixed and ready to pour over the frozen veggies in the chicken and soup mix. Then, realized I had put in not cooked pieces of carrots. So, went to the microwave and put the veggies covered in water to cook and then, when I thought everything was ready. Mixed it all up, put it in the oven, poured the crust over it.

    Now I am sending this, crying and begging God to please make it edible. I have forgotten how to cook!!

    Mary Please God help me to trust in You and know that it will be a real meal somehow. Praise God my spouse is not too picky.

    • Linda Mullin says:

      One of the songs that ministers to me on days like that is Hold me while I cry by Karen Beck. Now at one point in time when things were going awesome I was listening to it and began to cry and automatically approached God as to why I was crying I had had great weeks and days with Him and He quietly said but how many days did you have like that. It became opportunity for Him to lift the pain sorrow frustration I had locked inside. It is interesting how He works and how He knows everything that affected us and the opportunities He uses through a song combined with His Spirit to lift pain and sorrow locked inside.

  5. Oops! Wanted to mention how great you and Holley complement each other…same message.. hearts united by Jesus!

  6. “My nothing is enough!” Those four words fill my heart and mind with Hope! So much going on, so tired and yet still so loved. Jesus, my Healer, my Comforter, my Enough of all I could ever need or want! His promises tell me I will be OK! THANKS SUZIE! God bless!

  7. I love “my nothing is enough”…….God is so amazing, He love us no matter what! When I feel flustered I go to Psalm 46:10 Be still and know I am GOd”……He is my rock and my strength…

  8. When I am overwhelmed with life, I know I can go to the Rock. Thanks for encouraging me today!

  9. Rachel E. Smith says:

    I am so thankful for these resources that encourage the brokenhearted to allow God to mend the brokeness. I am thankful to see the way God has blessed and been faithful to so many others who struggle with deep hurt. Thank you!

  10. It is amazing how the brokenness can be pushed down so deep inside that you ignore it. But it comes out in other ways (anger, frustration, self pity, discontentment, depression, and anxiety just to name a few). Thank you for writing these books. Still trying to read through the book “The mom I want to be”….started reading it and the wounds that I thought were completely healed were a little too raw. Thank you for speaking at H@H in Rochester, MN. Your message was so powerful and hopeful.

  11. Margie Mitcheltree says:

    My heart is shattered. Yesterday I was told my dog has an aggressive cancer. He has been my best friend and faithful companion for over 8 years. I believe Jesus can heal him People say he is “just a dog” and that to pray for healing is offensive to God. I know the world is falling apart and there are “important” things needing prayer. BUT yesterday my world fell apart and my heart is in pieces.

  12. Can’t wait to explore this new book! I’m thinking – just from reading the little bit from this post – that it might be something good to go through with our teens at church. My heart hurts for them so much sometimes just because they’ve believed the lies from the enemy…..I so want them to know and understand that their “nothing is enough”.

  13. I know this is a message that God is speaking to the fibers of my heart. He will accomplish His good work in Me, despite how my life looks this minute.

  14. Oh my! Your nothing is enough!!!! Those are pretty powerful words. I have often sat on the edge of the bed thinking, I can’t do this, again, today… But through my nothing, God has a fresh palette to work with… And can make something beatiful.

  15. Evelyn Ramos says:

    Thank you for giving me the chance to get a free book. I have been going through a lot these past 6 months and this is perfect timing. I want to thank Holley for inspiring me again. God bless!

  16. Evelyn Ramos says:

    Thank you for giving me this chance to get a free book. I have been going through a lot the past 6 months and this is perfect timing. I’m learning a lot from Holley. I want to thank you for inspiring me again.

  17. Cheryl Logan says:

    Thank God for His Truth and for speaking truth to me with this bible study and its many spirtual gifts. The roots of reality of Jesus is the WAY, TRUTH & LIFE is going deeper. All tne Glory, Honor, & Praise to the Triune God, my God, your all’s God too. Love & blessings to all of you beautiful sons & daughters of God.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Both you and Holley have touched me very much today. I really needed to hear that I am enough with God. Today will be a better day for me because of God’s promises. Thank you.

  19. Thank you so much for the words “Nothing is enough!” I know God can take that nothing and turn it into something AMAZINGLY Huge ! Would love to win this book 🙂

  20. Adriana U says:

    I’m learning that it is not me, it’s truly God….God is enough

  21. Lorraine says:

    Thank you for this blog. It reminded me of how God had helped me through an attack that had me full of fears and anxiety. I was only 14 years old at the time. That attack affected me until I finally allowed God to mend my heart. It took years to feel comfortable with my husband. The words you wrote are so encouraging. God bless you.

  22. When I feel tremulous, I remember that we all can soar like eagles (Isaiah 40:31), and then I soar.

  23. Thank you for your encouraging words. It has truly been difficult for me to grasp that I will be o.k, and you know what, slowly I am starting to believe it 🙂

  24. a friend sent this message to me (when a thief…)
    The Lord has done a wonderful work in me, but there is still one area where I feel my healing by His hand remains incomplete, so I still feel less than whole. It’s been such a long time…but, still this one thing. I would love to have/read your book. Pray for me, please. Thanks!

  25. Thank you so much for reminding us that our nothing is enough. I’ve often felt like I had nothing to offer which resulted in me withdrawing from participating in activities or conversations. Others thought I was just shy, but in truth I felt “less than” everyone else. As my faith walk has progressed, I’m reminded again and again that I am a unique and treasured child of God. Through Him my nothing is more than enough, because the more I empty myself, the more room there is inside of me for Him. Thank you!

  26. Wow – my heart needed to hear “nothing is enough” – so many friends/family are walking through HUGE valleys & I know in my head I can’t carry their burdens but my heart is heavy. My husband often gently reminds me “you don’t have to fix them, you just have to love them!” I’m reminded of Moses when Aaron & Hur were sent to hold up his arms to win the battle – & God spoke to my heart & said He’s holding my arms, it’s not my strength, & He’s got me! What a sweet lift! I’d love to have a copy of the book! Thanks for the offer!

  27. Jacqueline says:

    Okay.I’ve read so much of your writings to know
    That they are God inspired and would like to win this
    Book for her as encouragement that no matter
    What she has to face in the near future God is gonna
    Be with her in whatever she has to deal with.
    Thank you

  28. Halona Luna says:

    What a wonderful blessing. This would surely warm my heart.


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