Week #8: Will my thoughts ever heal?


I was driving down the street but I aware of nothing.

Not the beautiful clouds floating in the sky.

Not the blooming trees.

Not the sound of my children’s voices from the back seat.

Instead I was rehearsing the things I should have said. The things I could have said. In my thoughts, things worked out the way they should.

There was just one problem.

Nothing changed.

Absolutely nothing.

The way that we come to think is birthed in many ways— through examples of others, experiences, pain, joy, and also through our natural temperament. Regardless of its origin, the way our heart thinks creates a distinct path that often leads us, rather than being led by us.

I spent an incredible amount of time trying to re-imagine conversations or encounters, or wishing I had known how to respond, or change the way something had gone.

And in doing so, nothing was ever resolved. Not in the harder places.

Not in me. 

It was time to shut the door to that unhealthy thinking because God had more for me.

It was time to learn how to handle conflict, and to grow through it. 

Maybe pain or the past has affected your thoughts in an entirely different way, but you identify with the desire to change. All this week we’ll look at ways to guard your heart (and thoughts). Let’s begin by honestly answering these questions:

• Where do you most often spend your time in your thought life?

• Where does your thought life lead you?

• How does it impact those you love?

• What does it offer you? (There must be benefits, or we wouldn’t hold on to it.)

• Is there negative feedback (from those who love you most, or even in your own response to it) that you have ignored?

• What might God want to offer you instead?


Week #8 – The Mended Heart Challenge

Read Chapter EightAs The Heart Thinks – in The Mended Heart: God’s Healing for Your Broken Places

Answer the questions above.

If you are uncertain of an answer, that’s okay. We often aren’t certain of unhealthy thinking until we examine in light of grace. Just answer as honestly as you can.

If you have any questions as you read Chapter Eight, share them.



  1. Father, thank you for Crystal. Thank you for drawing her to a place where she can clearly see you walking with her, speaking to her. Pour out healing over her heart. New direction. Joy. Peace. A new way of thinking and a new way of seeing herself as loved, treasured by you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  2. I am so in that place of needing a mended heart just these past 2 weeks have been a trying time for me i am at my lowest and because of prayer support I am getting through. It is just wonderful how at these times God always shows me something like this website and what it read when your heart needs mending thank you Lord for always bringing me back to you through interceding through folks like you
    Blessings and hugs

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