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Wendy Blight sensed two words as she prayed.

So that. 

She was asking for direction for her next book. Two words didn’t seem like enough, but it’s where Jesus led. She opened her Bible and “so that” leaped from the pages in verse after verse.

Jesus came. . . so that.

God spoke. . . so that.

Pray. . so that.

Trials come. . . so that.

Let your light shine. . . so that.

All week long we’ve looked at our own hearts to move toward joy.

Today we’re looking at what fills our hearts. . . so that.

So that?

So that . . .whenever you doubt a promise or a truth because of something going on, the Lord will bring just what you need to mind.

You are not ill equipped for this change in your thinking.

You are not ill equipped for this transformation from broken to joy-filled.

You are not ill equipped as you exchange yesterday for your new today.

All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NIV, emphasis added)

So that . . .you fill your heart with good things that help you, rather than hurt you. 

A friend found out her husband was unfaithful. They planned to go to counseling. In those sessions, he said he wanted to put their marriage back together. Weeks later she discovered it was only more lies.

She battled daily with anger, hurt, resentment, and more.

She drank when no one was looking because it gave her peace, even if it wasn’t the good kind.

Someone close to her asked her to engage in a Bible study. To read books and to study the Bible so that she could fill up with something hopeful, something stronger than her situation or her feelings.

Last week she walked into my arms with a huge embrace.

“Something changed,” she said.

It wasn’t hard to see. The smile and light in her eyes had already told me something good was taking place, but her words backed it up.

Nothing in her situation had changed, but she had.

Her husband continued on in his affair. She was facing an unwanted divorce. Financially this left her in a hard place.

But a heart filled with good things was leading her to joy.  

She began to see herself as valued and beautiful to God.

She began to trust that He would meet her every need. 

She began to see that her life still held purpose, that God’s plan for her wasn’t contingent on her husband’s choices. 

“Every day that I wake up, I fill up,” she said.

When the hurt hit — and it did — the truth that was in her heart gave her what she needed.


Q: There are many things we can pour into our heart. How do you fill your heart?

sothatQ: Finish this sentence. I will pour good things in to my heart so that. . .

I’d love to introduce you to Wendy Blight’s book, Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life.

It’s a book you will underline, study, and it will help you change the way you think.

Wendy’s story is powerful. (View Wendy’s story on the 700 Club – Trusting God after rape.) She understands brokenness but she also lives and breathes and teaches hope and healing.

Today Wendy and her publisher are offering a giveaway. {<–Click to  tweet this giveaway with friends}

To enter, just share answer to one of the questions above, or share your thoughts, or a prayer request. Wendy will be dropping in throughout the day to pray for you. My prayer team and I will be praying as well.





  1. So that… is a welcome reminder to this weary heart. Widowed 23 months ago, mother of a special needs adopted child, associate pastor – I am watching my clouds of grief lift up but I was asking, now what…

    So that is a much more Godly way to look at the world!

  2. I have the book Living So That and it is a wonderful book that I will read and reread. If I were to win a copy I would share it with others. I fill my heart with the word of God, prayer, Bible study, church, singing in the choir, Christian fellowship and Holy Communion. I do this so that I can minister in a small way to those in my sphere of influence.

  3. I will pour good things into my heart so that . . . I will know without a doubt that I am special and unique and treasured. “He will cover me with his feathers and under his wings I will find refuge. His faithfulness is my shield and rampart.” Ps. 91:4

  4. I will pour out good things in my heart so that… I will stop being so scared and focus on Jesus. He is the one in control NOT me!!! This is hard for me but reading this blog and focusing on HIS word always changes my perspective. If only I would stop listening to my self…..

  5. I will pour good things into my heart like the Bible studies I have been doing with my friends. It lifts my spirit and when I am having a difficult time, it helps me remember the truths that I should fall back on.

  6. I will pour good things into my heart so that I can drown out the thoughts that want to pull me down… thoughts full of worries, fears, insecurities; sometimes anger and resentment. When I delve into God’s word, I find that I can let go of some of those. It is a daily need to fill my mind with positive thoughts and promises. I am able to find some peace.

  7. Suzie, thank you for inviting me to be a guest on your blog today and for so beautifully sharing about Living So That. I have enjoyed meeting your friends and hearing their hearts!! They are blessed to spend time with you in the Word and in your book each week. You pour out God’s love and grace beautifully. 🙂



  8. Jada Smith says:

    I will pour good things into my heart so that…I can pour out to my family! 🙂

  9. Claudia says:

    I will pour good things in to my heart so that. . .God’s Word can counteract the negative effect that criticism has had on me. I want so much to reverse this critical spirit that has been in my family for generations and I can only do that by filling my heart with the love and acceptance of God through His Son and His Spirit. And when I get filled I can overflow onto my thirsty loved ones.

  10. For the last two years, I have experienced a life very similar to that of Job of the Old Testament! I have tried so hard to live following GOD! Wendy’s study, living so that has been awesome, thought provoking, abd irritating too but, I take a lot of insight away with me. I am so grateful to P31 OBS and Wendy’s study. I am still in the midst of the trials and am desperate for help. Please, I don’t know how much more suffering I can take. Still yet, I will rejoice in Christ my Savior!

  11. Marilyn in East Texas says:

    I will pour good things into my heart so that God will transform my heart and mind so that someday I will feel worthy of God’s mercy, love, and unconditional forgiveness for all of my failures as a mother, wife, friend, and all other areas of my life. So that God’s goodness and love will transform me and become evident in all of my words, actions, and interactions with others.

  12. Melissa says:

    I will pour good things in to my heart so that what God wants will come out. Something that God would be pleased with, and show others God’s goodness, even in my pain.

    • Anonymous says:

      Melissa, I just love how you “get it.” That what we pour into our hearts is what comes out of our hearts!! And it is when we pour out good, even in the midst of pain, that we bring God GREAT glory!!



    • Oops, this is from Wendy Blight!! Forgot to fill out the form to identify myself! 🙂

  13. Teresa Redd says:

    Wow! I needed that so much today. I am on day three of eating and drinking the healthy way. I am a huge soda and sweet addict. I want to be in God’s Word “So That” I can honor him with my body, “So That” when I get tired and are in the middle of these withdrawals that I can remember He is my strength. I want to be the best I can be mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically “So That” I can be all God has called me to be. For Him, my family and my friends. As withdrawals have hit hard today, thank you for painting that picture for me today. I needed that so very much! Your “So That” gave me a great picture of why I want to be determined to do this!

    • Teresa, God’s Word says that His Word is health to our body and healing to our bones. He says His Word is our daily bread and that we should not only eat it but digest it. I pray this for you….that as you feed yourself healthy food and HIS WORD it will fill you full and be more than enough to quench your physical and spiritual hunger. I pray that it will be as sweet as candy to your soul!! And thank you for taking the time to share with us and for your words of encouragement about how “so that” spoke directly into your circumstances!!



  14. I will pour good things into my heart so that I can grow in the love of the One that saved me!

  15. Jodi Michaelides says:

    I fill my heart by studying and reading God’s word every day. I attend Bible studies, a Christian 12-step program, LifeTree cafe, meditative yoga, Sunday school and church. I read and reflect on several Proverbs 31 blogs and only listen to K-Love. I’m currently reading your book, The Mended Heart to try and overcome childhood abuse and all the symptoms, dependencies and destructive behaviors that I developed from being in an abusive environment for the majority of my life.

    I am doing all this…SO THAT I can have a very close relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. To become healed, to serve others and in hopes to bring others to our Heavenly Father.

    • Sweet Jodi, God will be faithful in all you are doing to heal your heart and draw closer to Him!! I pray you will sense His pleasure in very real and personal ways as you continue to seek more of Him.



  16. Just reading these pours good things into my heart.


  17. Courtney says:

    I will pour good things into my heart so that I will feel worthy of God’s love in spite of all my failures and sins. Some days, like today, I feel worthless, useless, and a waste of space. I need to fill myself with God’s words and love.

    • Oh Courtney, not a waste of space, but a space open to be filled with God’s love and direction and purpose. A space where your worth is based on His view of you, and not that of people or circumstances. A space where you are loved, loved, loved and nothing can separate you from that love.

      • Courtney, using the random number generation at, your number was chosen. I delighted to see that take place. I believe there is nothing random as far as God is concerned. Will you email me your mailing address at Thanks!

    • Courtney, precious friend, YOU ARE PRECIOUS and VALUABLE in God’s eyes!! Please click on the link below. It is a Faith Declaration I have written and I would love for you to speak these truths over yourself every morning when you wake up. Ask the Lord to make them come alive in your heart and mind. They are not my words. They are God’s about who you are in HIM!! Walk in the truth of these every day. His Word transforms hearts and minds, and we want yours to be transformed to believe who you are in Him with all your heart!!



  18. Anonymous says:

    I will pour good things in to my heart so that. . . I can be transformed into His likeness, …I respond rather than react … I can love even when it hurts … I can be the wife/woman/mother/friends/person God created me to be … I can forgive and walk in that forgiveness … life has meaning and purpose … I can believe in the blessings even when I don’t see them ….God is glorified no matter what the trial…. others see Him and not me.

    Needed this this morning! Lots of different things pulling — adult children needing direction and jobs, wisdom on upcoming move (military but we actually have a choice for once), financial needs, physical needs, broken relationships.

    • whoops this was me! 🙂

      • I love this. Loving even when it hurts. Loving to be all that God can help you be. Loving so that you are a believer in good things even in the midst of hard places. Love, love, love this!

    • You have the most beautiful heart, Holly, wanting to love others even when it’s hard SO THAT you can honor God! God will honor your obedience to live a life of love!! May He richly bless you as you seek to love others with the love He has given you.



  19. Kristin Perez says:

    I daily try to pour good into my life by reading bible, attending womens groups, & listening to christian radio & prayer “so that” the circumstances don’t drown me
    I especially liked how the friend chose joy “despite” her husband’s choices. I struggle with
    That too. Resentment over my husband’s sex addiction, depression & health issues chronic pain. We also have financial issues (I am the only one working struggling daily with MS), childhood abuse issues & our own addictive patterns. Although we are slowly healing it has been years of chaos..My codependency
    & bad self esteem have allowed me to focus on “fixing” rather than allowing the Lord to heal my situation. I look forward to reading this book.

    • Lord, thank you for Kristin. She’s in a difficult place. I pray that you pour out wisdom, healing, strength that surprises her. Joy that makes no sense in the circumstances, but perfect sense when we realize we aren’t alone. I pray that you work out all these things and provide for her, that her husband is moved by Your Holy Spirit in such a way that He cannot help but acknowledge that You see Him, that You have a plan for Him, that You are a Healer. Make His eyes and heart aware of those things that bring him down a road you never intended, and put his feet back on a path toward you. I ask this in faith, knowing whom I serve, In Jesus’ powerful name, amen.

    • Amen to Suzie’s prayer!!

  20. Shirley says:

    I will pour good things in my heart so that I am constantly reminded that God is in control of everything. Lessons learned in weakness help me to lean on His strength, His light, His Word. I am grateful He has given us prayer.

  21. Evelyn says:

    I will pour good things into my heart so that my life will be a reflection of the One who loves me!

  22. Cherlyn says:

    Q: There are many things we can pour into our heart. How do you fill your heart? WITH DAILY DEVOTIONALS (LIKE Proverbs 31 emails) and praise and worship music. There’s something about putting the music on and you can’t focus on the negative. It just brings you to a better place, the right frame of mind.


  23. I will pour good things into my heart so that I will be able to help and serve others and letting them know that God loves them no matter what the past holds. Jesus holds them in His hands always. By sharing with others is a way to help me remember as well.

  24. Tammy Steele says:

    I will pour good things into my heart, so that whatever I pour out to others may be filled with encouragement, love & forgiveness. The thought that came to me was I must allow God’s Word to pour into me, for me to pour into others. We are vessels, and we determine what we allow into them and that determines what is poured out of them. And although our vessels are often cracked, imperfect or flawed, God can still use them.
    Thank you for today’s encouraging words. They are always such a help to me.

  25. This is verry intrigueing to me. I’m looking forward to all the so that’s in the book

    • Donna, it truly is amazing that the writers in the New Testament intentionally chose these two little words to connect a truth of God’s Word with a promise..with a way to live out that truth and receive a blessing from the Lord. When you start reading, you will be overwhelmed at how many there are!! It’s a wonderful journey of discovery. 🙂



  26. Lora C says:

    I will pour good things into my heart so that when the trials come (they are flooding into my life right now) I will stay anchored and not be tossed about. I will trust God and His Word and find joy and peace in the midst of these storms. And I will be able to encourage and support others.

    Thank you for this post–I really needed it today!

  27. Victoria says:

    I trust and believe “so that” l will be strong as my husband and l await test results to see if he has cancer. My man is only 58 and he is sleepless and dreading the road ahead. I want to be strong for him so that he can feel all the love and care he needs from me woven in from the everlasting promises of the Christ. All of this is happening as he needs a hip replacement and is facing retirement from a job that has been there for 30 years. Our God is our fortress and our shelter, He will cover us with His feathers and under His wings we will find refuge!

    • Father, may Victoria and her husband sense you so strong that fear leaves and assurance and faith and joy takes up residence. Thank you for today. Thank you for tomorrow. Thank you for the days ahead and the offer to seek Your shelter, comfort, healing. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    • Heavenly Father, surround Victoria and her husband with your ministering angels. Thank You that You are their Refuge and Strength during this time. Be their All in All. Provide Your comfort and for their every need as they walk this road of uncertainty. Thank You that You have already gone before them and are their Rear Guard. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.



  28. I will pour good things into my heart so that i can finally close the door on past hurts, anger, bitterness, resentment and hatred. God is working in me and i am trusting that one day, i will be able to look at my life and see the beauty from these ashes.

  29. I will pour good things into my heart so that when life gets messy, not only mine but also those in my sphere of influence, I will be able to see the promises made by God and hold comfort and hope in my heart as well as encourage others who are hurting around me. I pray that my daughter may find the comfort that I know during the stressful and trying times of this life. Thank you for all of your words that encourage me and in return allow me to encourage others.

    • Lisa, I join you in praying for your daughter…for her to know the peace that passes all understanding to guard her heart and mind. Praying she will trust Jesus to be the bearer of her burdens. Thank you for stopping by and allowing us to join you in that prayer.



  30. Dianne says:

    I will pour good things in to my heart so that. . .my eyes will look beyond bureaucracy and weak disability policies and focus more on helping families recognize the gifts their loved one with a disability gives freely to the world.
    I’m a mom of a 21 year old great guy who has cerebral palsy and does not speak verbally. His eyes, gestures and a communication device speak his thoughts. I’ve been struggling with frustration about the inconsistent support, his lift without friends and the changes to his health as he gets older. This frustration has stolen my desire to help others, something I did well and enjoyed. Please pray for me as I continue with the Celebrate Recovery program. Thank you and much love to all.

    • Dianne, praying now that with the help of the Holy Spirit you will persevere in caring for you son and in attending Celebrate Recovery. I pray the Lord will restore to you the JOY of your salvation and fill you with the fullness of that JOY each and every morning as you lift your head off your pillow. And I pray the Lord will open a door for you to serve that no man could ever open and it would be unique and special and BLESS YOUR SOCKS OFF!!



  31. I am amazed at the difference it makes to led God be the driver of my life. I am not who I used to be and the times I have changed the most is when I fill up on the word. I try any way I can to get truth in my life. The bible, Daily devotionals, pandora, this blog, Godly Friends, reading plans on the bible app. I have to change it up. I get in a rut very quickly if I do the same thing over and over. I have learned that there is no condemnation in that. I search for God and He meets me! His un changing love for me is mind blowing some days! Thank You so much for your blog! You are appreciated!!

    • Me too!! I love to fill my heart and mind up in different ways. One of my favs is walking in the morning with the Passion Worship Band Pandora station. It is AMAZING. Sometimes I find myself singing out loud…and that is not good for those around me. 🙂



  32. Ashley says:

    Worship music is the easiest way for me to fill my heart with God’s love and promises. I love waking up to a worship song playing in my mind as I start my day and more often than not, God uses those songs to speak to me where I am at that moment in time. Prayer is another one that I am discovering fills me up. I tend to over analyze things and my brain doesn’t know when to stop when it doesn’t have anything (such as college coursework, for instance) to focus on. Literally in the past 24 hours I have learned that when my mind begins to race with “what-ifs”, with “do-or-die” scenarios (figuratively speaking) or with the everyday trivial things that we tend to blow off, an excellent way to counter those thoughts is to deliberately focus my mind on prayer, something I never thought I would be able to do in the past. Drinking decaf coffee helps too. 😉

    Thank you for the post and a chance at the giveaway!

  33. debora says:

    I will pour good things into my heart so that I will have a source of good things when the days are not good. So that I can pour goo things into others when they need help, so that I can please my Father in heaven, and so that I rest in the shelter of His arms, away from the turmoil and messiness of this life.

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