I’m afraid to trust, because of what I can’t see


“I’m afraid to let down my nets.”

“I know what God is saying, but I also know the fears I face.”

“I’m supposed to trust, but it’s the unknown that keeps me from taking the next step.”

These are just a few of the comments you’ve shared this week.

I hear you, and I’m not going to try to persuade you that your fears aren’t real. We’ll pray about those fears together.

But today I want to move our focus from fear to this question:

What is God trying to do inside of you?

You may have no idea where God is trying to lead you.

You may not know how it’s all going to work out.

And that’s okay. Neither did Simon. If we look at his response to Jesus, he was concerned that pushing out into deeper waters would lead to another disappointing catch of fish.

What he didn’t know yet was that this wasn’t about the fish. 

It was about Simon.

The man who pushed out the boat was not the same man who returned to shore.

Look at this word study with me.

Launch out: Rev., put out. Addressed to Peter as master of the craft.

Let down (χαλάσατε): Originally, to slacken or loosen, as a bowstring or the reins of horses; hence to let sink as a net. Also of unbarring a door. Metaphorically, to be indulgent, to pardon.

There were things to be loosed on the inside of Simon.

He would discover who he was, as seen by Jesus.

He would be set free to take a new path, different from that planned by his circumstances, or his culture, or his earthly father.

He was about to discover the awe of who Jesus is.

Doors would be unbarred, leading Simon into a new life, new thinking, a new way of living that he had never imagined.

Not all of these were easy. In fact, they bring to mind your comments. Your fear is natural for God is stirring in your heart what seems impossible.

Acknowledge the fear, but then move to the next question: Will I allow fear to keep me from what God is trying to do on the inside of me? 

What is God trying to unloose, set free, and unlock inside of you?

Today, write down that question in your journal. You may not have the answer yet. That’s okay. Let it soak in.

I pray that you will begin to anticipate the answer to that question, rather than focus on the fear.

Lord, thank you for each person reading this at this moment. Take her eyes off the “fish” as she pushes into deeper waters. It might be a baby step. It might be fear moving to the side so that hope slips in. Whatever work You desire in this moment, we hold up open hands and hearts to receive it. In Your name, amen.





  1. I believe God is trying to set free in me my dependence on people to fulfill my needs. I love people. Some days I don’t love people. But I know i can’t let my emotions be my god and I can’t look at everyone else to heal, complete or satisfy my needs fully. I am constantly reminded of how Jesus lived and moved on this Earth…He didn’t get wrapped up in circumstances and emotion. He just walked in love. When I look away from Him, my depression sneaks back up on me. I’m hyper-aware of this now. Praise God for rescuing me time and time again!

  2. Darlene says:

    What is God trying to unloose, set free, and unlock inside of you?
    Wow what a great question!!! I think for me it is to unloose my faith, my total and complete trust in him and my total dependence in Him. I so many times will let my emotions or caring as well as the thoughts of others rule my actions as my friends/family always tell me what to do or what we can’t do (moving with no jobs etc…)instead of relying on God for who knows what he wants us to do. My husband is always saying one day there won’t be any money for anyone and we will have to completely depend on God for everything so why not start now. In light of the question today I think that is the thing that needs unlocked, set free and unloosed in my life. My complete total trust in God!!

  3. Jodi Michaelides says:

    I am so incredibly fearful of my future and I miss my former spouse so much. I have so much love for this man and I don’t know what to do with it since he isn’t here with me.

    • Jodi, in The Mended Heart I share that “no one person can fulfill or meet our needs.” It’s not a burden that any person is big enough to shoulder. But God is. He’s your needmeeter. He’s your Source. I hear your heart and it’s a valid fear, but is it keeping you from discovering what God has for you? Is He loosing this need for one person to depend and trust in Him instead? Only you can answer that. <3

      • Jodi, my heart aches for you! But having been divorced, remarried, lost and found in between it all…I KNOW whole heartedly that God does want me AND you to unloosen our dependence on people and our “ideal” circumstances! It really is freeing when we can let go of that need. Yet it can be hard to come by :(. I’ll be praying for you to draw closer to Jesus and to truly know how He is there for you and fully capable of fulfilling all your needs <3

  4. What is God trying to unloose, set free, and unlock inside of me? Like Laura, sometimes I feel like I’ve trusted and trusted and I become impatient. Everytime that happens and I revert back to letting my emotions control me, I’m reminded that letting my emotions control me is relying on my fear instead of relying on God. I have to continually ask myself if my thoughts and actions align with God’s Word. I’ve come a long way, but I feel God trying to make this 2nd nature to me – unlocking my full reliance on Him.

  5. It’s not that there is a right or wrong way for things to work out. The very fact that things are happening means this is the right way for them to work out. Sometimes I forget that and get scared of the unknown. Then I remember, there is no unknown to God. Phew.

  6. Claudia says:

    What is God trying to unloose, set free, and unlock inside of you?
    My need for CONTROL! Of others, of my life, of what I want Him to do, what I don’t want Him to do….
    I am hearing Him calling me to let it go and let Him be GOD! I need Him to loosen my tightly clenched fingers and look to Him for EVERYTHING!

  7. I have trusted and trusted but seem to always be the one affected by others poor/bad choices. I believed God would bring healing for my daughter and yet she died, I believed my marriage would be restored after an affair but that hasn’t happened! How long must one wait because I still am waiting after many many years for an answer to my prayer? It is tiring and I am worn out, I head the song Worn by Tenth Avenue North this morning and it describes where I am at perfectly. Please Jesus come quickly.

    • Paul, who wrote the above verse in 1 Corinthians, totally understood where you are right now. He was persecuted by others. He suffered. There was a time (Acts 23:11) that he was so discouraged that God Himself spoke to him and said, “be encouraged.”

      My prayer for you today is that you feel God’s presence walking through these hard times with you. In our study, when Jesus asked Simon to push out into deeper waters, it wasn’t with a promise for ease, but rather Simon discovered an awe of who Jesus was in the harder paths of faith. I pray that you sense God so close with you, and I’m reaching with a huge hug from one woman of faith to another. I’m so sorry for your hurting heart, and so believing that He can give us joy when it makes no sense.

  8. Victoria says:

    Today my husband is going for a biopsy to determine if he has cancer. My main concern is for him and how he is feeling. I want to be the strong wife that is steady and trusting that the results will be negative. I am having a hard time keeping my mind on each day and not thinking of all the “what ifs”. I do struggle with the waiting period for the results but I also know that we both need every moment of strength that God gives to walk through this together. I knew I loved my husband before but now I look at him as the most beautiful creation of God. God help us to live in the day to day moments and not get lost in tomorrow. Thank you for the awakening of beautiful and lovely feelings that are emerging in us during this time. We are scared but we know you are the great physician. Our hope, trust and faith is in you our Lord and Savior.

    • I’m a cancer survivor, and I remember all the feelings leading up to the diagnosis and afterwards. My prayer is that you’ll feel God absolutely wrap around the two of you, cocooning you close in His power and direction and wisdom and love. Keep us updated, please?

  9. Veralynne says:

    I am trying to listen and not be overcome with fear…but it is sooo hard.

    • It is hard, and doing it afraid may be part of the process. The key is, “Is God speaking?” and what is His plan? If you don’t think it’s God, then don’t move. Don’t take that step. But if it is, where might He be leading you?

  10. Debbie Parker says:

    God asked my family and I to leave the church we had served in for 20+ years to join a new church. It was a frightening move, and very hard to make. It broke our hearts, but we obeyed. God has sent us confirmations left and right to assure us we did the right thing but it has been 8 months and we still are trying to find our place and meet friends. I know that God has a purpose and a plan, but just because we did what He asked us to do, doesn’t mean there is a quick painless happy ending. I have fought discouragement but I am trying to keep my eyes on Jesus and not those big scary waves.

    • When we consider that Jesus walked to a cross for us, you are right. Doing what God asks us to do may not have a quick happy ending, but there is a purpose and a plan. Joy and trust does not always equal a happy, quick ending, but it does result in a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father and a work on the inside that cannot be measured.

  11. Putting our nets down requires faith to push away from the shore, into a place of certain unfamiliar territory, to leave behind solid ground (even if it is perceived to be solid) and be at the mercy of God who directs our path. Lord, i release my fears to You and only want to see You! Take away my fears and failures and instill Your truths in my heart. I am Yours!

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