This week’s challenge: How do you silence fear? {{link up}}



Jesus said to do it and you hope He knows something that you don’t.

Instinctively you want to argue with Him, but instead you respond, “But if you say so,” and you begin to push the boat into deeper water.

But it’s scary, and what do you do about that?

This is your challenge this week, sweet friends.

Intentionally tune into Jesus to silence fear. 

For most of us, our focus moves toward what we cannot see, what we know to be true from our own expertise, the fear of failure or the unknown.

But what takes place when we focus on Jesus instead?

The worry over success or failure diminishes as it becomes a discovery process.

Jesus is leading you to a new place in faith, and your success or failure isn’t the story. Trusting in Him, regardless of the outcome, is the new chapters that are unfolding.

Do you want to share with others about a time that you trusted God when it didn’t make sense in the natural: On your blog, write about a time when you trusted Jesus and it didn’t make sense and share that link.  


Today’s “But if you say so” study

Write a prayer in your journal, opening your heart to His plan.

Read this verse: Isaiah 26:3 (NIV) 

Q: What is the promise contained in this scripture?

Q: What might perfect peace look like? Describe one way it might be possible to have perfect peace in imperfect circumstances.

Listen to my journey of trusting when it didn’t make sense. My friend, Luann Prater of Encouragement Cafe Radio, and I share what it looks like to “stay the course” when you’re not sure where you’re going.





  1. Suzie, I needed this truth yesterday…”Jesus is leading you to a new place in faith, and your success or failure isn’t the story. Trusting in Him, regardless of the outcome, is the new chapters that are unfolding.” I’m trusting, I’m trusting. I’m praying while I’m trusting. Thank you for hosting the link up too. Blessings to you this week!

  2. Amber S says:

    I passed my husband a note in church yesterday, that read “this is really hard to feel, but I’m feeling called to move/ to step up in a big way”. Now we just moved across our hometown and are still running to boxes in the garage. So when I wrote that I saw my husbands eyes about pop out. I quickly clarified, I’m feeling called to stay right in our new home, but I know God is leading us to a “if you say so” moment!

    In Luke 5:1-12, The circumstances weren’t good for a catch at the time of Jesus’ command, but Peter chose to obey His word and let down his net anyway.

    Simon Peter had faith renewed that day and James and John and all those watching were witness to this.
    Jesus told Simon to “not be afraid. From now on you will catch men.” Luke 5:10
    We see He sends the forgiven, those redeemed that often struggle with feelings of fear and unqualification, to do the work of God. To fulfill the commission of rescuing men from the danger of sin.
    Their focus becomes The Lord and what He wills for them to do. Those if you say so moments will pop up all along the journey, but our faith will keep us focused. Which brings us to that peace within that we need to feel when saying “but if you say so”.
    Isaiah 26:3 says, the mind that is steadfast will be kept in perfect peace.

    Lord, you are equipping and preparing me for a leap of faith. A moment to say but if you say so. My circumstances might not be ideal when you ask me, but I pray my heart and mind will be focused on You so that I may have perfect peace and can throw down my net into deep deep waters. Let me dive into Your overwhelming desires for my life!

  3. The podcast said “page not found” 🙁

  4. This spoke to me today, “Jesus is leading you to a new place in faith, and your success or failure isn’t the story. Trusting in Him, regardless of the outcome, is the new chapters that are unfolding.” I think fear of failure is what keeps me from moving anywhere most days…and to be reminded that may be exactly what God has in mind is refreshing and actually motivating. Thank you for these words today, Suzie.

  5. Victoria says:

    About 20 years ago our church wanted to reach out to two students at Judson College for a summer of internship as youth leaders. They both needed housing for the summer. Our church asked for two families in the congregation to provide a home for them. It started by having them visit for a weekend and see if we were ready to have them back for the summer. I can remember thinking “I have never had a stranger live with us”. I was very anxious about making this commitment. We chose to go forward with the weekend visit. We chose the male student because we had a young son that was an only child. I thought at least our son would have a big brother for a few months. As the first visit grew closer my anxiety grew stronger. I had already started thinking of ways this would NEVER work. To this day, I will never forget opening the door when this young man arrived and feeling my heart melt and my mothering instincts take over! At that moment before we even spoke I knew in my heart THIS WILL BE WONDERFUL. Summer went by so quickly. We truly loved this young man and we also were able to meet his future wife. When it was time for him to return to college it was so hard to say goodbye. I was a 44 yr old bridesmaid in their wedding. He is now a full time pastor in California. This proves you can say never me and then find out what a beautiful blessing God had planned for your life!

  6. This is so encouraging Suzie! Thank you for the avenue via link-up and share our experiences with Jesus. I love that believers are not about the “misery loves company” but rather “believers love community” so awesome. Love both reading and sharing our “been there with Jesus, brought through with Jesus, you can too with Jesus” joy stories. Much love & blessings to you!

  7. Jodi Michaelides says:

    I am learning to trust and to rely on Jesus for everything. When I change my perspective and remember that my earthly life is just a preparation for my heavenly eternal life that brings incredible joy. It is such a relief to know that there will never be any pain or suffering in Heaven. This life is just to draw near Jesus in whatever manner that can happen. Thank you for sharing Suzie.

  8. I actually had that thought earlier today “Ok Lord , You have this, right?”
    Nice to know others on the same journey an I am.

  9. Oh Suzie, this is something I’m learning to do day by day. God keeps pushing me a little further each time. It is so liberating to know that we serve a God who cannot break his promises. Thanks for this encouragement today.

  10. Love this! I’ve been writing about facing my fears and learning to trust God this week. Being able to look back at the fears and how far I’ve come in silencing them has been really encouraging!


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