Week #4 – You and God: You are the Church


I love my church.

I love it because there are people who feel like family.

I love it because there’s something powerful about lifting your hands in worship with those who believe in Christ.

I love hearing the Bible taught in such a way that it changes me.

I love it because it is an instrument to love, impact, and reach others.

But as much as I love my church, the Church is bigger than a building.

Bigger than a denomination.

Bigger than a tradition. 

It’s our last week in the #youandGod study and I want to take this deeper with you over the next week.

worshipWhat does it mean to be a living, breathing part of the Church?

What does it mean to be a part of a something that encompasses all races, all languages, across nations with no barriers?

What does it look like to join with others who have a heart beating with the passion of Christ?

What does it mean to partner with men and women who walked with Jesus, to those who are martyred in other nations, to those who are yet to serve Him?

And what does this have to do with you and God?

It has everything to do with you and God.

We’ll dig into that deeper the rest of this week.

So, let’s start here.

What’s your definition of “church?”



  1. Lisa, you’re not wrong that is what I see and have at my church to, even though it has grown so big. With our small group it is an extension to my family, especially with my husband who doesn’t go with me and I am his example of Christ.

    • I have had it as well in the past. My husband is a worship leader and moved to a different church leaving my family behind and I just don’t have the same thing in our new church. Maybe it will just take time…but it doesn’t feel right somehow. I miss them…..

  2. I define church as the people who surround you and love you and give you support when you need it, not only on Sunday, but also through life. It is the place that you should always be able to be yourself and where honesty reigns and rules, even if it hurts just a little bit. When you walk in the doors of your church you should not feel like a stranger, like an outsider – but like one that is loved. Hospitality should greet you at the door, and warmth and inspiration throughout your stay. Am I wrong? Some feel that I expect too much……

    • I think, Lisa, that when we look at the bigger picture of church it’s not limited to one body or one church building. It’s the bigger picture. Yes, it’s often filled with messy people, and sometimes there are people in the church who get it wrong or mess up a really great thing. I love your definition of church and it absolutely can be that, but when we look at the church as a body of Christ that began 2000 years ago and spans from then until eternity, that it includes believers who are martyred for their faith, that it includes people of all races and languages, then we start to ask what we bring to that definition. It might be that we become that person who greets at the door when others do not, or we bring warmth where coldness wants to linger. I love that you took the time to share. I’d love to take this deeper, if you want. <3

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