He lives in you

I often feel overwhelmed. Do you?

We’re in good company. Not too long ago, Sheila Walsh said this, “Woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed with everything I have to do this week. Then I remembered The Lord and this glorious offer..”

What glorious offer?

This one, found in Matthew 11. . .




As we wrap up our four-week study #youandGod, I want to leave you with one thought:

Because you are the Church, He lives in you.


How does that change your faith?

It means that you live in rhythm with Him.

That who you are is changed from the inside out.

It means that it alters the direction of your life, and it spills out over your relationships with people.

It means that a you-and-God relationship brings faith to life.

It pulls off the limitations and pushes you gently into His view of you and the part you play in His plan.


It means that there is more to this thing called Christianity, and when someone asks you why you believe you show them Jesus instead of a list of rules.

It means that there is rest for you internally when it’s chaotic externally.

When we grasp what it means to have a you-and-God relationship, it leads us into the harder paths of faith like forgiving and loving others. Then we begin to grow into God’s view of who we are.

We discover the deeper depths He wants us to see.

What does it mean to you to have a you-and-God relationship?

How is that changing you? 



 Just you and God

 Q: After the four weeks of study, how is changed your definition of you-and-God?

Q: What might it look like to rest internally when it’s chaotic externally?

Q: Describe one harder path of faith that you are on right now?

Describe how Matthew 11:28-30 offer comfort in that harder path of faith.

Q: Read the verse out loud and place your name within the promise. 




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  2. This right here speaks to me this morning, Suzie, “It means that there is more to this thing called Christianity, and when someone asks you why you believe you show them Jesus instead of a list of rules.” I was basically asked this question yesterday in a round about way…”Why do bad things happen to good people? I know you are a “religious” person, but I have a hard time understanding how God can be good when people die too young.”- I gave a long answer, but the crux was that my Hope isn’t in my religion, it’s in the Person of Jesus. I guess I come across as “religious,” but I never want that to be what defines me, I only want Jesus to define me. These are good questions and thoughts today. Thank you for always leading us back to the cross…xoxo

  3. Liked your blog!
    Would like to know more about the 4 week study?
    On line, cost, dates!
    Sheri DeLoach
    08 Aug 2014

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