We were rooming together in Ecuador. Shawna, my friend with Compassion International, pointed out a scar on my shoulder.

“You’ve been marked,” she said. She pulled her sleeve up. “We both have.”

She had melanoma. I had skin cancer. I have five scars, most of them hidden, where the doctor removed the harmful cells.

Then there’s the scars she didn’t see.

I have a significant scar where surgeons removed breast cancer at the age of 32.

I have stretch marks.

A scar across my stomach where my appendix burst.

We’re marked.

Life does that. It leaves scars and alterations.

Not too long ago I thought about my own story and for the first time in my 54 years, I thanked God for the scars of my childhood. 

It’s easy to thank Him for the stretchmarks that represent my children, or the scars that shout out to the world that I’m a survivor of cancer.

But those scars of the past? I realized that they were just as beautiful.

Those scars are a mark of how beautifully God has healed me.

They reveal where Jesus’ tender touch found the wounds and made them whole.

Are you marked?

What is God whispering to you about those scars?




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  2. I am a breast cancer survivor as well and when I was going through treatment I realized that I had a choice to either let my scars speak of my pain or of His glory. I made a decision that day to let them speak glory. It isn’t always easy and I don’t always get it right but most day…most days..I remember to let them speak of His glory and His goodness. He is so good to me.

  3. A few weeks ago my brother and sister-in-law prayed over me, and my brother prayed, “Lord, you have chosen this life for Meggie…” Somehow it had never occurred to me before that in His plan He would lead me to single parenting and single moms ministries because of my past hurts, and because of the scars I carry. God has opened my eyes to the pain in the pews, in the community around me.
    He has healed me, and He is my praise!
    Thank you for this blog post, Suzie! Sending you my love and praying God’s blessing over you!

  4. What is God whispering to you about those scars? That He is enough. I am a work in progress, but I am getting there.

  5. Chris Dawson says:

    I have many, many emotional scars from the past, and also recent wounds which God has for the past 8 years been working to heal in me. Some go very, very deep, but His healing is going just as deep, and though it hurts, it’s a wonderful thing. He is so faithful!

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