I have this dream

It’s to bring voices all over the nation together every Thursday. I desire to start a conversation over topics that matter to women. To tell our stories. To dig deep into the Jesus parts of our lives and be real about it.

If you are a blogger, podcaster, or God has healed your heart and you want to share your story, I want to connect with you every week through a blog #linkup.

It’s a conversation where every single week is wrapped around a single topic.

This is where we are a little different from other linkups. It’s a conversation, not just a linkup. Our goal is community, yes. But more so it’s to talk about issues that women long to discuss. To sit around a virtual kitchen table and encourage and pray each other, as we grow together.

And if you are a woman who is searching for answers, who wonders if she’ll ever stop feeling a certain way, well it’s a safe place to grow alongside other women of faith.

We’d love for you to come on in.

We are being called a “sisterhood of brave girls,” and I believe that!


How does this work?

1. Bloggers,  link one of your blog posts every Thursday on www.tsuzanneeller.com.

2. I’ll share a writing prompt on Twitter each Monday. {Join Suzie on Twitter.}

Using that prompt, ask the Holy Spirit to give you words. Be real. Be funny. Be insightful. Be deep. Find your unique angle.

Just be you.

 If you want the writing prompt earlier than Monday. . .

you can apply to be a part of the #livefree team. Please know that this team is a valuable part of my ministry team and that we pray, share with each other, and help spread the word to others about living free.

It’s a commitment but also a beautiful community.

To apply, request an invite. 

3. If you don’t have a blog and you want to join the conversation, subscribe to the blog and comment each week.

4. This is the one requirement if you linkup —  Leave a comment on the person who linked up before you. Let that person know that their words matter.

It’s not about promoting a blog, but promoting and encouraging each other.

5. Share your blog post that resonates with the weekly prompt. It doesn’t have to be exact, but it needs to be in the ballpark. If you have an older post that resonates, that would be a great choice!

6. Add the #livefreeThursday jpg or button to your blog post or to your sidebar to let the world know that you are part of the #livefree community. 


Live Free Thursday

Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML


I’m asking God for thousands of women to join in.

I’m believing in a tribe of women who are running after all that God has in store for them, who are being mended, who are strong, who are imperfectly and joyously living life.

I’m looking for women, well-known or just beginning, to form a voice oacross the nation.

Will you join me?