What is #livefree?

I have this dream

It’s to let the whole world know that faith in Christ sets us free.

Yet there’s no one person that can do that alone. So #livefree is a community of women from all over the world — all those who have been rescued, redeemed, and restored by faith.

We are women in all phases of our faith. Mature. Work in progress. Growing.

I dare to believe that when we stand shoulder to shoulder, and we follow Christ, we will make a difference.

Jesus wandered in the direction of the broken, the sick, the needy, the impoverished, the proud, those who were on the fringe, the innocent, and the spiritually hungry.

That’s where I desire to live as well.

#livefree is simply standing shoulder to shoulder with women of faith, as we tell a world about Jesus. 

We share this message . . . together.

We do this ministry . . . together.

This is how #livefree works.



Each Thursday we hold a conversation on my blog. There are many women who have walked in the trenches who have wisdom and encouragement to share. Those women gather on Thursdays on the blog and we talk. We tell our stories. We pray. We dig deep into the faith part of our lives and are real about it. We invite others to pull up a chair and join the conversation.

If you are a blogger, podcaster, or God has healed your heart and you want to share your story, connect in #livefreeThursday every week through a blog #linkup.

If you are a #livefreeThursday blogger, you can add this to your blog to let the world know you are a part of the #livefree team.

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#livefree outreach

While we continue to discover how to live free in our own lives, we reach out to other women. Whether it is to women oppressed in another nation, or across the street, we partner with organizations making a tangible difference

Racism, oppression, and abuse is a very real issue in our modern-day world. Jesus talked about. We aren’t afraid to talk about it, as well. We aren’t called to fix the world, but our desire is to play our part — big or small, seen or unseen.

In 2017, my desire is for women all over the world to reach out to one other woman and lift her up. Through organizations. Through a Bible study. Through a note. Through friendship. Through mission trips and hands-on ministry, walking with those who feel they have no voice.


#livefree community

There are two #livefree communities available on Facebook. One is the FB ministry page. This is for those who want just a daily nugget of encouragement, occasional teaching videos, and connection. Approximately 15k people are a part of this community. I’d love to meet you there!

Another is is a warrior group of women in a behind-the-scenes Facebook group. This group is much smaller and it’s a beautiful community.

It’s for those who want to be much more involved in the behind-the-scenes of #livefree #comewithme Facebook community. These women pray for this ministry, and those who are impacted by it. Many of us meet once a year at a launch/retreat. We pray together and we lift each other up. This groups helps get the word out about #livefree resources and #livefreeThursday topics. It’s not just a FB group, but a group of strong faith-filled women who feel burdened for this ministry. It requires a commitment, but our goal is that it also fills up the women who are involved.

We have become friends, a team, and I can’t imagine not having these women in my life!

I’m asking God for thousands of women to join in these communities. I’m believing for an imperfect tribe of women who are running after all that God has in store for them, who are being mended, who are strong, who are imperfectly and joyously living life, and who want to come alongside other women and help them live free.


#livefree resources

We provide resources to help women live free
. These resources offer depth, but feel as if a good friend is sitting across the table.

This includes books such as The Unburdened Heart, The Mended Heart, Come With Me, and many others. It also includes Bible studies, 21-day adventures, videos, downloadable journals and books, live broadcasts, and lots of other great (free) resources that can be used in small groups, in a coffee shop, individually, or in churches.

The goal in each of these resources is not just to inspire, but to grow together.