Suzie’s Story

Suzie shares her story in an interview with Moria Brown of 100 Huntley Street.

It is amazing what can happen when God restores a broken life. It can be beautiful like the portrait that my mom is now, the shattered pieces of her life assembled together in a beautiful picture of God’s mercy.

Today I am a mom, an author, a speaker, a wife, and in love with five beautiful grand babies. I have the opportunity to share the story of my life and the beauty of purpose and the fact that God loves us from the beginning.

Every word I speak or write is about the transformation that comes from knowing Christ. It’s not about the pain or the past, but about the potential of what God can do in and through us.

The past shapes you but it doesn’t define you or limit who you can be. 

Suzie's familyI found a note from my dad under my pillow one day. I still carry it with me, the tattered pieces a reminder of what God has done. My quiet father, who very rarely shared the depth of his emotions, said in that letter, “I have watched you and I see that you have something that is of great worth, a treasure. I know that it is real and I admire you for your faith and your love for God.”

We have never spoken of that letter, but it came at a time when I prayed for a sign. “God, show me that you hear my prayers. Heal my family. Let me know that you are listening.” The folded piece of paper under my pillow was heaven sent and priceless.

For years my mom and I have been friends. She is compassionate, loving, and sometimes she’s still fragile, but she’s beautiful to me.

I am still running after the same God that touched my life. He’s been with me through good and difficult times, but my love for him will always be wrapped around that first moment when he reached down to an angry, hurting girl and silently whispered that he loved me.

I still can’t help but whisper back, “I love you too”.