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If I could say one thing to you my friend…

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What is TogetHER Ministries?

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It’s women coming alongside each other and lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down.

It’s seeing the best in each other and reminding each other of how strong and good and necessary every single one of us is to God, and to this world.

It’s praying with each other.

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It’s cheering each other on when God is opening doors, even if yours are seemingly closed.

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It’s refusing to label, limit, or lay words on any woman, but rather to step into her story with her so we can better understand each other.

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It’s being a voice for those women whose voice has been stilled or stolen.

It’s connection. Community.
It’s standing shoulder-to-shoulder and
watching God do a miracle as we live our faith together.

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Revive my soul

I want God.  Those words feel like a prayer. It is a prayer. I don’t want to talk about guns. Or politics. Or who is right or who is wrong. I don’t want to call names. I don’t  want to see my fellow humans, brown, black, white, immigrant, refugee, as anything but made...

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A few years ago I knew that God was asking me to take my eyes off what is wrong with the world, to become part of the good. It was my “come with me” invitation to:

• Wrap around women in the trenches making a difference in the world

• Come alongside women who had no voice and were unseen

It’s amazing what we can do together. To date, you’ve helped raise over $20,000 and poured that encouragement into ministries such as Girl Set Free, Mission India, prison ministries, CanopyNWA Refugee ministries, and others.

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