Dear Suzie,

I’m nervous (with people and social settings) and worrisome person at times. I am learning to trust God and take risks that may lead me closer to Him and to others who know Him. I’m glad I was led to Proverbs 31 Ministries and then to your blog this week, and the devo on The Strong One. I need God to be the Strong One for me.


Dear friend,

I get it. I really do. When I was younger I also grappled with anxiety. Maybe someone could have told me the source, but I needed more than that. I wanted to be the real me… the non-anxious Suzie that I knew was inside.

I realized that there were gaps in my life that only God could fill. It took time, but slowly I was transformed from a young woman who was anxious to a woman who was comfortable in her own skin, and who rested in the fact that God saw beautiful things in His creation.

It was like an unending series of birthdays as God revealed gifts that only He could see, and the tools to take those gifts and use them for His purpose.

Far from perfect. But filled with an easy confidence that replaced the anxiety. Understanding that all people are a work in progress. Giving grace. Receiving grace in my own areas that were still under construction.

May I pray with you today?

Father, I pray that your daughter begins to sense the vast depths of your trustworthiness, how you fill the gaps when we aren’t sure of our own strength. Thank you that you did this for me. I totally understand what she’s saying, and yet I received your confidence and security in those places that needed more than I could give on my own. In the powerful name of Jesus, amen.