Melanie, on her blog Life is Only a Breath, challenged her readers to choose one word for 2013. Her word for 2012 was “give”. And if you go to her site, you’ll see how that one word played out in real life.

I’ve been blessed by Melanie’s giving as have many, many others.

When I started to think about my one word, “change” instantly came to mind. Richard and I are in a state of change, unsure of where we will land next, but excited. We are also experiencing change in our roles with our family, stepping into an unfamiliar role with our parents, and a fairly new role as grandparents to four under the age of two and a half.

But when I prayed, the word change didn’t come to mind. Instead a different word emerged, one that I’ll share with you after the new year.

It’s a word that won’t be easy to live out, and yet God is calling me to trust Him with this word.

One word can change your life, if it becomes a lifestyle.

One word like trust or open or adventure or praise can easily take you out of an existence that is comfy, and perhaps even inflexible as we dig in and refuse to change in our relationships, in where we live, in what we do, or the way we relate to God and to others.

So, what is your one word?

How is God leading you to change or grow or discover new facets of His personality or your faith in 2013?