Your Heart Can Be Free

The Unburdened Heart Bible study

We all know Jesus leads us to forgive. But what about the hard questions that keep coming up? Questions like:

Why should I forgive?

I did nothing wrong.

Doesn’t forgiveness let the offender off the hook?

What if the person who hurt me is still destructive or in denial?

I see joy in the life of others. Will I ever find it?

You can find answers to your questions and break free from the past, no matter who hurt you or how badly.

Rather than asking you to “just forgive”, The Unburdened Heart gently reveals how forgiveness allows you to let go, or to find shelter, or to get out of the debt collection business once and for all, and to leave the past to live fully in the present. The Unburdened Heart Bible study is your invitation to discover the freedom of forgiveness.

Yes, you can read the book alone, but you can also join me and friends as we talk about this multi-dimensional word that offers life-transforming benefits for you, and those you love.

We’ll take it deeper with bite-sized personal studies on Wednesdays and Fridays. The study will last six weeks.

If you are showing up today and the study is already over, don’t worry! It’s all here. Take it a day at a time by yourself, or with a group of friends.

Let’s do this together!


To buy the book, The Unburdened Heart, go to the Proverbs 31 shop and pre-order. The book will be released the second week of February and mailed to you before the study begins! It’s available other places online, but when you buy it through Proverbs 31 it reaches with support to women all over the world through P31.