Welcome to week one of The Unburdened Heart study.

Unburdened HeartYou may not have the book yet, but no worries. It’s in stock at Proverbs 31 if you want to order it today! And Amazon has it in the warehouse, and Kindle will soon be live, so you can preorder it and it will soon be on the way.

Here’s a free gift for you while you wait: Introduction and Chapter One of The Unburdened Heart.


Today’s Study

Read the Introduction of The Unburdened Heart.

Answer these questions.

  • “There will be risks, but there’s an opportunity for growth.” What does this statement mean to you as you begin this study?
  • I described ziplining as a means to overcoming my fear of heights. What is one thing you prayerfully desire to overcome?
  • As you read the introduction, what is one thought or comment that you have?

Each week I want to leave one thought with you.

Here’s this week’s thought:

It’s not what was, but what can be

As you begin this study, there will be moments that you’re not sure if it’s the right time, or perhaps you’ll hit a brick wall of emotions. Prayerfully remind yourself of this phrase. Write it on the mirror. Put it on the dashboard of your car, or on a sticky note on the computer screen.