After your personal time in worship and Bible study, finish reading Chapter Two of The Unburdened Heart. Go through the questions at the end of the the chapter.

Here are additional questions to take it deeper.

1. Read Matthew 15:14. Why did Jesus not ask His disciples to invest time, energy, their thoughts to changing the Pharisee?


2. How does accepting “what is” help you to leave one place to find another?


3. If a relationship is harmful or damaging or dangerous to your or your family, what does it mean to you personally to love from a distance?


4. Take time to reflect and pray before you answer this question.

In what way is God asking you to get out of the debt collection business?

Take the weekend off. Let this week’s study soak in. Keep our thought for the week on your heart. When you feel that resentment or anger or hurt coming up, don’t brush it off. Acknowledge it. But also share this one thought with yourself as you respond, rather than react to it:

God is helping me to leave one place so that He can lead me to another.

Next week we’ll study Chapter Three together: God Moves In.