Unburdened Heart_Grass&SkyIn Chapter 3 of The Unburdened Heart, Carlie discovers her husband’s secret. He was having an affair and it devastated her family, and her.

Some of you may be tempted to tune out this week, saying, “My marriage isn’t in trouble. My husband is faithful.”

But unfaithfulness takes many forms. As I’ve read your comments the past three weeks, many of you have shared your struggle to forgive an unfaithful friend, or coworker, or a church family that hurt you with their actions.

Unfaithfulness can cause physical pain, emotional heartbreak, confusion, and with a new conviction that people can’t be trusted. It may even turn inward, as we ask, “What’s wrong with me?”

That leads us to the word apolyõ. It’s another meaning found in the word forgive in scripture. It means to: dismiss; send; set free; to go away; to release.

It can also mean to divorce, but not in the sense that we understand that word. In this instance, it’s completing releasing unforgiveness so that something else can take up residence in it’s place. Which leads us to this week’s theme:

I release unforgiveness so God can fill me up.



 1. Read Chapter Three of The Unburdened Heart. What was your first thought as you read Carlie’s story?

2. On page 56, it reads: “It is in our secrets that God desires to reside in the richest manner. It’s our inner court of the temple. It’s the place where thoughts are conceived and give birth to action. It’s where we find solace or peace. . . or turmoil.”  Why do you believe that God asked Carlie so quickly to forgive?

a. Describe a time that God has asked you to give Him your secrets (your thoughts, deepest feelings, hurt, anger). What was your response? 

3. After reading Carlie’s story and Chapter Three, in what ways are you willing to release unforgiveness so God can move into the broken and wounded places in your own life?