How are you doing in the #forgivetolive Challenge?

This is your challenge for this week. It’s to answer these three questions as honestly as you can.

  • Is this unfaithfulness simply a disappointment or destructive? 
  • Have I allowed another person’s shortcomings to define who I am?
  • Where have I turned to heal that wound?

Knowing the difference between a mistake or disappointment (a friend is habitually late or a child made a promise and failed to keep) and destructive (a friend tries to sabotage your relationship with your spouse, or there is no repentance when a friend, spouse, coworker is intentionally unfaithful) is key.

One allows grace.

The other allows grace, but mixed with the truth that it’s not your job to fix that person or hold them up as they continue to hurt you.

As you answer these questions, your challenge is also to:


  • Define yourself as a person treasured and loved by God
  • Allow the unrepentant loved one to bear the burden of their consequences. While you love them, you are not their Source, God is and will be as they find their way to that place of mercy and remorse and redemption. For God loves nothing more than a sinner finding transformation and new direction, for He loves that person.
  • To intentionally walk into a deeper relationship with Christ daily, for you need what He freely offers