Being still seems impossible, but being still is key in intimacy. We stop long enough to listen. To appreciate. To speak words that are not rushed or trite, but meaningful.

Today we will practice being still. In that quiet place you carved out for just you and Jesus.

Suzie, you don’t know my life. I can’t be still.

I’m not to ask anything of you today that I’m not doing myself. Today I close on a house that’s been for sale for five months. Today I’m sleeping in a playroom of a two-year-old as we wait two weeks to move in to our next home. Today I have writing deadlines, and tasks, and things to do. Today I have concerns weighing heavy.

But I also have Jesus. My comfort. My strength. My wisdom. My Lord.

We often go through our deadlines and our chaos and our busy lives, not taking even a moment to be still. When there’s something so valuable waiting to be discovered in that stillness.

So, today, write down Psalm 46:10 in your journal. Underline it in your Bible.

Answer these questions:

  1. When was the last time I was still in the presence of God?
  2. What keeps me from that stillness?
  3. What do I hope to gain by being still before God?

Then do it. Spend a few moments in His presence. Just be still. It will feel awkward in the beginning. Everything you ever thought you needed to do will come to mind.

Be still.

Stay in that place. Close out those thoughts.

Just be. . . 


Breathe in His presence. Stay for a few moments, past that awkward time. Don’t ask for anything today.

Just end this still time with a whisper of appreciation for what is to come.

Tomorrow, do this again. Journal the challenges, your hopes, your desires, your thoughts.