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sweet spot

In today’s devo I describe my love of Pinterest and how it led me to realize that my sweet spot definitely WASN’T furniture restoration or crafting.

And how that God made me to be . . . well, me.

Hopeful baker of bread, though the last two loaves were fed to the birds. (They were crazy awful.)

Lover of God’s word.

Busting my moves with the grandbabies in the living room.

But how often do we try to be something we’re not?

I love trying new things, and that won’t ever stop, but that’s different than trying to force yourself into a mold you weren’t made to fit. Somehow it keeps us from running after those things for which we are uniquely made.


Today I want to introduce you to Angela Moran. She’s the founder of Change Purse, an organization that is funding safe shelters across the nation for those once trapped in sex slave trade. (She’s with her board of directors. Angela is on the left.)

It all started with an unusual prayer. Angela tells it here in her own words in a radio interview on Encouragement Cafe. I pray that you listen all the way through, but in essence her prayer was:

God, I love purses and I love you. What can you do with those two things? 

Now to be honest with you, I’m not a purse girl. I carry one because I need to, and I have three. . . total. So this prayer may seem silly to someone like me, but when I talked to Angela, it became one of the most powerful prayers I’ve ever heard.

She flat out let God know that her sweet spot was purses. She loved them. She collected them. She appreciated them.

And she loved Him more. So, was there something that He could do with those two loves. The answer surprised her. She began to get with others who loved purses and created Changepurse.org, selling gently used purses online and hosting purse parties. The first party netted $600.

Today, Changepurse.org has netted nearly $100,000 and all of it goes to rescue and shelter women and girls trapped in sex slavery trade. 

So, what is your sweet spot? Has anyone ever called it silly? Have you thought it less than worthy?

Will you make this your prayer today?

God, I love {fill in the blank} and I love you. What can you do with those two things?


When I pray that prayer it looks like this:

God, I love writing, and I love you. What can you do with those two things?

But it goes deeper. Lord, I love your Word, and I love you. What can you do with those two things?

And He takes me deeper still. Lord, I love seeing a broken heart healed, and I love you. What can you do with those two things?

The Mended HeartFor me, my sweet spot leads to His word, and to observe and note and share the stories of what happens when we encounter Christ in the midst of our brokenness.

I pray that you’ll take a moment and check out my new book, The Mended Heart: God’s Healing for Your Broken Places. It’s a combination of all of these sweet spots.

Or you can read the first chapter here. Free. Just for you.