John 3:16

It’s held up on banners at football games. It’s the first verse you learn as a believer.  It’s shared so much that we can actually forget the power in these words.

God so loved the world.

Not just those who have it all together. . . but all of us.

It took years for John 3:16 to be engraved on my identity. I thought I had to earn it. Maybe, like me, you’ve questioned God’s love for you or you’ve thought that if you tried harder, did better, fit in, healed faster. . . that you’d somehow attain His love.

It doesn’t work that way.  

Not according to John 3:16-17. 

As you begin to trust that He loves you — in your mess, with your hurt, with your questions — then walls start coming down. 

You start to eagerly listen for His voice. 

Which means that you begin to sense when He is teaching or redirecting you.

Which means that you become fiercely aware of those places that knock you down and send you the other way. 

You know where to go.

To the One who loves you.

You know where to go when you need mercy. You know where to go to fill up when you feel empty.

Can this really be that simple?

The truth is that many of us, even those who can quote Scripture and unearth the Hebrew and Greek meanings of words and phrases, are still trying to earn our way into God’s love. We are so focused on what we haven’t done or what we need to do or the broken pieces that seem too fractured to put back together that we’ve forgotten the power of what Jesus offers.


Why might it look like for you to rest in His love for you?

Read pages 28-31 in The Mended Heart: God’s Healing for Your Broken Places.

Now, take a look at Jesus’ mission statement one more time:

  • I’ve come to open the eyes of the blind.
  • I’ve come to set the prisoner free.
  • I’ve come with good news for the poor in spirit.
  • I’ve come to heal the brokenhearted.
  • I’ve come to break the chains of the oppressed.

Q: Jesus is pointing to Himself in these words. Why is that important in your healing journey?

Q: Read John 9:25 and Luke 19:1-8. What happened when each of these individuals encountered Jesus?

Q: Who are you in this Mission Statement? Why? Take a moment and ask God for what you need.

Q: In what way will you rest in God’s love beginning today?

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