How can you heal from what you cannot define?

Let’s take a look at what spiritual abuse might look like. . . 

  • A person holds too much power over you, but you don’t know what to do about it.
  • One who demands proof that you offer allegiance to them above family or your own convictions.

  • You are continually led by teaching to the fear of God, with no balance of mercy or grace.
  • Scriptures quoted are out of context, or a theology is constructed upon one verse or passage.
  • No room for questions.
  • You are a sinner if you leave their church to attend another.
  • Defined by qualities such as arrogance — exterior righteousness without the fruits in their life, or even hypocrisy.

Now, before we pull out our pen and start checking these off, please understand that every church and every person within may have areas where their human nature shows through.

Churches are comprised of flawed people who love Jesus who want to grow together and love others.

But if you have lived in fear, or grew up thinking that you were “less than” though you tried to be “good” and it was never enough . .

If someone has asked you to do things that go against what the Holy Spirit is speaking as truth in you. . .

If your church doctrine points the fingers at other Christian churches and says they aren’t as good as them. . .

If a parent raised you with such a harsh, legalistic view of God that it affected not only the way you view yourself, but perhaps the way you viewed God. . .

. . .  then let’s not be afraid to call it what it is. Not to point fingers or try to fix anyone, but because God can heal you and you can rediscover what it means to be a part of the Church.

Q: Which of these attributes of spiritual abuse surprised you?

Q: The quote above reads, “We worship among people, but we worship only God.” What does that mean to you?

Q: How do we confuse the way God views us with the way people present God?

Q: Share one passage or thought from Chapter Three – When the Church Hurts Your Heart that ministered to you.

Q: If you are healed from spiritual abuse, what is one thing you’d tell someone still in it?

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So, what do you do about it? Tomorrow we’ll explore what it means to turn your heart toward truth rather than people.