“Bring her to me.”

Those were your words, Jesus, when Mary was broken and sad over the loss of her loved one.

It’s your words today, Lord.

I pray for that woman or that man today who is kneeling, who loves you but who may be angry at the loss of someone so loved, so treasured.

“Bring her to me” is your call of compassion, of caring, and a deep understanding of who this person is to you. You are not afraid of their feelings, but more you long to give them strength and healing that can only come from You.

You wept with Mary, the Divine reaching from Heaven to mourn with her, to comfort as only You can.

May Your presence fill the room as this prayer is read today. May each one know that You are not unaware of their hurt and You love them deeply right where they are at this moment.

Thank You for the memories of this loved one. Thank you for their laughter. For every sweet moment.

Thank You for being a safe place.


In Jesus’ name, amen.