You’re going to be okay. 

When you are in the process of healing, these are powerful words. We need to hear them, or at least I do.

My new friend, Holley Gerth, says in her book, You’re Going to Be Okay, that you and I have everything we need to heal. Perhaps, even now, in week seven of The Mended Heart study, you’re not certain of that.

You want to . . .


give up.

feel that you are not enough. 

Holley understands that feeling. She says:

Stress and bad days seem to empty our hearts and our hands. We think, “I’ve got nothing . . . or at least very little.” But in reality you have a lot going for you.

What is that, Suzie? What is Holley saying?


Listen close, sweet friend. 

Let this become truth. 

Your nothing is enough.

I wanted to stand in my living room and cheer as I read these words in Holley’s book!

She describes a speaker and author, Kristen Welch, who is preparing to minister when she realizes she has nothing to give. She calls her husband and asks him to pray. She’s desperate. After the event, she says:

It was in my emptiness that he [God] moved. He encouraged through my brokenness. He asked for my all and my nothing was enough.

Maybe today you feel as if you have nothing to offer.

Hold up even that.

God is sufficient. That means that He is enough when we are not. He can take our nothing, when we offer all of it, and produce something of value.

Good news, good news, good news!

Week #7 – The Mended Heart study

Read Romans 8:26-27.

Mark it. Underline it. Write it on a sticky note and put it where you can see it all week.

Q: How does God help you when you feel weak?goingtobeokay

Q: If all you have to give is nothing, what might it look like  to offer that to Jesus?

Check out Holley’s book!