where will it lead

 Thank you for joining me for the next four weeks for this new Bible study titled “But If You Say So.” You are so welcome to join us! All you need is your journal, your Bible, and a pen. I hope you’ll grab a friend and tell her about it, too.

Push out into deeper waters. 

Sounds like a simple request. . . except when it makes no sense.

In today’s reading, Simon is exhausted. His hands are worn from washing nets weighted with stones. He’s fished all night and caught NOTHING.

When Jesus asks him to push out into deeper waters, he could have said no.

No way.

Not going to do it. 

Are you crazy?

For the man standing in front of Simon was a teacher. . . not a fisherman.

Simon knew what to expect. He was the expert here. He had years of growing up at his father’s side. He knew where to find the fish, and he also knew that sometimes the fish just weren’t there. He had just washed his nets, a huge task. He had fished all night and his body was tired.

Have you ever had someone tell you what to do, and you knew more than they did about that subject? 

That’s exactly where Simon was in that moment.

But note Simon’s response. He said, “But if you say so. . .”

And that response changed his life forever.

Over the next four weeks, we’re going to explore what happens when we say, “But if you say so” to Jesus.

We’ll talk about what it looks like when we sense God asking us to do something that makes no sense in the natural. We’ll discover that Jesus had something special to show Simon, and that it’s for us as well:

When Jesus says, “follow me,” it’s not about the destination, but the journey.

Are you ready to push out in deeper waters together?



Read Luke 5:1-11. 

Q: In Luke 5:4, Jesus asked Simon to push out in deeper waters. List three reasons that this didn’t make sense.

Q: What emotions might Simon have been wrestling with?

Q: When you sense God asking you to do something that doesn’t make sense in the natural, what are your feelings?

Q: Jesus was asking Simon to trust in what he could not see. Describe a time you trusted in what you could not see, and how you responded.

Today, ask Him to help you listen for those moments when He’s asking you to push out deeper, even if it doesn’t make sense. 

Lord, thank you for each woman joining in this study. You know her name. You know her heart for You. May this be more than just a study. May it be a time of growth, discovery, and transformation. In the name of Jesus, amen.