“I’m afraid to let down my nets.”

“I know what God is saying, but I also know the fears I face.”

“I’m supposed to trust, but it’s the unknown that keeps me from taking the next step.”

These are just a few of the comments you’ve shared this week.

I hear you, and I’m not going to try to persuade you that your fears aren’t real. We’ll pray about those fears together.

But today I want to move our focus from fear to this question:

What is God trying to do inside of you?

You may have no idea where God is trying to lead you.

You may not know how it’s all going to work out.

And that’s okay. Neither did Simon. If we look at his response to Jesus, he was concerned that pushing out into deeper waters would lead to another disappointing catch of fish.

What he didn’t know yet was that this wasn’t about the fish. 

It was about Simon.

The man who pushed out the boat was not the same man who returned to shore.

Look at this word study with me.

Launch out: Rev., put out. Addressed to Peter as master of the craft.

Let down (χαλάσατε): Originally, to slacken or loosen, as a bowstring or the reins of horses; hence to let sink as a net. Also of unbarring a door. Metaphorically, to be indulgent, to pardon.

There were things to be loosed on the inside of Simon.

He would discover who he was, as seen by Jesus.

He would be set free to take a new path, different from that planned by his circumstances, or his culture, or his earthly father.

He was about to discover the awe of who Jesus is.

Doors would be unbarred, leading Simon into a new life, new thinking, a new way of living that he had never imagined.

Not all of these were easy. In fact, they bring to mind your comments. Your fear is natural for God is stirring in your heart what seems impossible.

Acknowledge the fear, but then move to the next question: Will I allow fear to keep me from what God is trying to do on the inside of me? 

What is God trying to unloose, set free, and unlock inside of you?

Today, write down that question in your journal. You may not have the answer yet. That’s okay. Let it soak in.

I pray that you will begin to anticipate the answer to that question, rather than focus on the fear.

Lord, thank you for each person reading this at this moment. Take her eyes off the “fish” as she pushes into deeper waters. It might be a baby step. It might be fear moving to the side so that hope slips in. Whatever work You desire in this moment, we hold up open hands and hearts to receive it. In Your name, amen.