Jesus said to do it and you hope He knows something that you don’t.

Instinctively you want to argue with Him, but instead you respond, “But if you say so,” and you begin to push the boat into deeper water.

But it’s scary, and what do you do about that?

This is your challenge this week, sweet friends.

Intentionally tune into Jesus to silence fear. 

For most of us, our focus moves toward what we cannot see, what we know to be true from our own expertise, the fear of failure or the unknown.

But what takes place when we focus on Jesus instead?

The worry over success or failure diminishes as it becomes a discovery process.

Jesus is leading you to a new place in faith, and your success or failure isn’t the story. Trusting in Him, regardless of the outcome, is the new chapters that are unfolding.

Do you want to share with others about a time that you trusted God when it didn’t make sense in the natural: On your blog, write about a time when you trusted Jesus and it didn’t make sense and share that link.  


Today’s “But if you say so” study

Write a prayer in your journal, opening your heart to His plan.

Read this verse: Isaiah 26:3 (NIV) 

Q: What is the promise contained in this scripture?

Q: What might perfect peace look like? Describe one way it might be possible to have perfect peace in imperfect circumstances.

Listen to my journey of trusting when it didn’t make sense. My friend, Luann Prater of Encouragement Cafe Radio, and I share what it looks like to “stay the course” when you’re not sure where you’re going.