I sometimes don’t hope big enough.

I read scriptures and the power of what is said goes right over my head.

I pray and if you were to ask me if I believed, the answer would be yes. But do I really believe? For if I did, my prayers would change completely.

What might happen inside of me if I were to hope big?

In our study passage (Luke 5:1-11) Simon hears what Jesus says.

He even obeys.

But when the fish start filling the boat, it takes him by surprise.

It doesn’t say whether Simon let down all his nets. But he had fished all night without a catch, and it’s evident he’s not expecting any fish.

He went out into deeper waters with little hope.

Suddenly his boat is sinking under the squirming abundance of fish. He shouts out to his partners, James and John.

They didn’t bring enough nets either.

Now two boats are sinking.

Perhaps you’ve sensed God speaking these past three weeks. You’ve said “But if you say so” and you mean it.

That’s huge. God is doing something spectacular in your heart.

What’s next?

Bring enough nets. 

How do you do that? You allow hope to take root in your heart.

Big hope. Big nets. Big God. 

hope; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

 What does hope look like?

Hope anticipates  

Hope isn’t just a desire for something to happen. It’s combined with a feeling of expectation.

Are you anticipating the lessons He desires to teach you?

Are you anticipating the comfort He will give?

Are you anticipating the growth that will take place spiritually?

Are you anticipating a new direction He is taking you?

Are you anticipating the joy He desires to pour over you?

Hope moves. 

A hope-filled heart doesn’t always mean a leap to the finish line. In fact, it rarely works that way.

It’s not impulsive. It always agrees with scripture. It’s partnering with God in a series of smaller choices as you listen and respond.

He’s speaking. You’re listening. You’re walking together.

Hope brings a big ‘ole net. 

This is where our study hit home with me.

In fact, it changed my heart in an area where I didn’t even realize change was needed.

I write words for a living. It’s the deeper waters where He’s calls me to throw out my nets and, to be honest there are times that I’m not sure they’re landing anywhere near fish.

So, over time it’s easy to start to think small. I’m simply thankful to catch a few fish.

There’s nothing wrong with being thankful for the small things, but after seeing Simon’s surprise I brought a bigger net with me when I prayed.

I asked God for every word to reach as many fish as are on God’s heart. As many fish as He cares to cast in my nets.

It’s not about numbers. The eternal has always been Jesus’ heartbeat. I just want to partner in with Him with big hope.

I don’t know where God is leading you, or what He’s asking of you as He pushes you out in deeper waters. . . but are you bringing your nets with an expectant heart?


Q: Why is expectancy and desire key ingredients in hope?

Q: What might it look like to bring your nets as Jesus speaks? Describe how that might change the way you respond.

Q: Romans 12:12 says, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” What might it mean to rejoice in hope?

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