They call it trolling.

It’s the freedom to bluntly say what you’ve been thinking with out a filter and with a desire to inflame a topic.

But when they talk about my faith I cringe.

I want to open my chest and show them that the Jesus that they’re talking about with such cynicism is really real, and this is the healed heart as a result.


But then I realize that there was a time I didn’t know Jesus either, and that if my only example of Him was from ordinary people who call themselves Christian that I might be confused, too.

Is God relevant in our world?

Maybe it feels like that you’re living with a totally different set of ideas about who God is.

Sometimes I do.  

Maybe you feel like you are in a tug-of-war with what others think is important and what you hear God whispering in your heart.

That can be hard when God is leading you to do things that make no sense in the natural. 

But is God relevant?

That’s the question. Maybe what we are really asking is: What does faith have to do with my everyday life?

The answer?


The truth is that God is there.


Right there at the place where you are celebrating a gorgeous day, or the smile of your husband, or a job well done.

Or when you’re snuggling with your newest grandbaby for the first time and you don’t care that you have no make up on or that you have bedhead hair or that people are going to compare it to the photo at the top of the page and you’ll come up wanting.

Or when the view from the hike you just took takes your breath away.



He’s there when your heart hurts so bad that you can’t put the pain into words.

He’s there when that big decision is looming and everything is dependent on the answer.

He’s there when you sense Him leading you to hold back that word, or say a word at just the right time, because the person who is in front of you is on His heart.

philippians 3_8

He’s there.

How crazy relevant is that?

Inviting a very big God into my everyday life changes me even when it costs me.

It leads me to be others-centered instead of the selfishness that really wants to play the trump card.

It leads me to remorse when I’ve hurt someone carelessly.

It helps me see the world through a bigger perspective than just my own.

And in the end I’m still just an ordinary girl with a big love for a big God who is not just a symbol of my faith, but an integral part of my everyday life.


Just you and God


Read John 10:27 

Q: How is this a picture of Christ walking with you through everyday life?

Read Philippians 3:8 

Q: There is infinite value in knowing Jesus. Describe one way that your relationship with God adds infinite value to your life?

Share that here. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Q: Are there times when others misunderstand your faith? What is your response? Do you remember a time when you felt the same way?