“I was incredibly lost,” she said.

Sexually abused as a little girl, her anger didn’t surface until she was an adult. She didn’t understand that her choices in men were tied to a little girl who just wanted to be loved. She married and that man became her security.

One day her security left and she stumbled into depression. 

A friend knocked on her door, refusing to go away. She found her in her bed and refused to let her stay there. She reminded her that her children needed her. She reminded her that God loved her.

She climbed out of her bed.

It wasn’t an overnight healing, but a gentle peel-away-the-layers process with Jesus.

The little girl inside of her needed to be restored. 

The woman inside of her needed to see her worth.

I sat in the audience and listened to her story. Incredibly brave, she exuded strength.

She discovered that no one person could make her whole — and it wasn’t their job, but that Jesus willingly assumed that when He came to earth to set us free.

Not just from sin, but the effects of sin.



Now she can’t help but tell her story to others. She’s giving out of her healing. Nothing delights her more than seeing someone else discover that they do not have to feel lost anymore.

To live free: Give out of your healing. 

You don’t have to be eloquent. It’s not your job to fix them. It’s simply pouring out hope from the deep well that has been filled up inside of you.

I promise you this. If you ask God to place someone in your path who feels incredibly lost, He’ll do that.

Let them know that Jesus loves them. Tell that person she is seen. She is loved. There’s healing reserved just for her.


The Mended HeartTake it deeper

Read Luke 8:1-3

Q: How do you identify with these women in this passage?

Q: What did they do with their healing?

Q: Describe one person who has impacted you greatly. What has God done for them? How did that in turn impact you?

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