This girl is hungry.

So very hungry spiritually. 

Do you feel the same way?

There’s a beautiful song by Gateway Worship.

The more I seek you. . .  the more I find you.

The more I find you. . .  the more I love you. 

I want to sit at your feet. Drink from the cup in your hand. Lay back against you and breathe. Feel your heartbeat. 

As Christmas approaches, I invite you to join me in Advent. We’ll seek Him and, in the craziness of this season called Christmas, we’ll adore Him.

We’ll celebrate the joy of finding Him.

How do we do this? 

We slow it down.

We create time in our day to seek Him above all else.

We give less weight to things that consume us and more weight to our love for Jesus.

Will you begin with me today?

Put everything aside. Just listen to the words as you play this song and let it become your prayer.

Begin to hope for faith that makes a difference.

For faith that interrupts your schedule and settles in your heart in such a measure that Christmas truly begins. . .




Thank you to Rebecca Drake of BDrakePhotography for the use of this beautiful photograph.