My friend, Lynn Cowell, and I were hiking in the mountains. We had driven several hours away to pray and fill back up after an intense week of ministry.

At one point on the trail we stopped to rest while this sea-level girl let her lungs fill up with sweet oxygen.

Lynn sat on a rock and began to share her burden for teen girls. She told me how the #selfie movement was impacting girls, leaving them confused when the attention they hoped to receive backfired, or as they confused “likes” and cyber attention with real love.

As we hiked down the mountain trail, I couldn’t get away from this conversation.

Because my#selfie gets in my way all the time. 

It lands in my heart asking me to validate my ministry with the number of likes that I have.

It shows up when I put way too much thought on that wrinkle that’s popped up right between my eyes. (How many times do you retake your #selfie to get it just right?)

It happens when I miss the bigger picture because I’m all up in my feelings, wanting nothing more than to karate chop someone in the throat in the heat of the moment. Even though I might not won’t do it, I really, really want to.

I know this sounds silly, but scripture invites me to experience a #denymyselfie shift in my heart.

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. (Matthew 16:24-25 NIV).

When I do this I lose #myselfie, but I find myself in the process. 

Here, let me take the spotlight off of me and put it on You, Jesus, as I rejoice in the 10 or 10 million! 

Because that’s who I am. I love ministry through and through. It’s a privilege!

Here, let me celebrate the years and the laughter that caused these wrinkles for You have given me life!

Because I prayed years ago when I was a young mom to be healed of cancer, and I love nothing more than the joy of what I’ve gained with those extra years.

Here, let me relieve this relationship of the grudge I’ve carried for far too long, because You forgive me over and over.

Because I was never intended to live tangled up in my emotions, stuck when God has so much more for me.

As Jesus walked with those disciples, he knew that they would inherently struggle with this.

He knew that I would struggle with it, too.

#Denyingmyselfie is putting the me factor aside long enough to find the God factor instead.

That’s deep, transforming work on the inside that spills out in ways that can never be captured in a 3-second selfie or a #selfie way of life.


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