I met with a new friend for lunch yesterday.

Since we moved 18 months ago (after living in the same place for 30+ years) to a different state, making new friends has become a hobby of mine.

Over a black bean burger and sweet potato fries, the one-hour lunch stretched to two. She was delightful. Honest and witty, but deep. I like that combination!

There was a time I would have zipped in — if I made it at all — and zipped out, because making new friends was hard for me. It makes me sad now, how I allowed insecurity to keep me from doing anything that might feel less than 100% guaranteed safe.

Insecurity is a not-so-great companion for far too many of us, especially if you grew up and things were messy. You learn early that saying nothing is better than opening your mouth and saying the wrong thing. You learn to keep your head down and just get the job done.

You have no idea that you bring value to relationships, to a job, to people, to your family.

In Tuesday’s P31 Encouragement for Today, I told you that there is a brand new me!

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away. 2 Corinthians 5:17

God healed my heart a long time ago and the person He always knew lived inside of me emerged. There were times I was surprised at the new me, because that new me showed up in unexpected ways.

This is one of them.

I used to see the fear of getting close to someone. Now all I see is a potential new friend.

I used to see (or hear) the words that might not come out like I thought they should. Now I laugh at myself when that happens, because it happens to everyone.

I used to see her talents or how she was pretty great at something. Now I realize that we all have strengths, and they don’t look alike. How cool is that?

What I don’t see. . . anymore. 

Living free becomes a part of our identity as that insecurity gives way for security in Him.

What don’t you see — anymore?


Seriously, only 11 more days until The Mended Heart Bible study begins. How exciting is that!

I can’t wait to meet you there.  It’s a study you can do with friends. You can sign up for one of the online groups. You can do it in your home, just you and God.

Will you tell one person about this study? Invite them to go through it with you. Let them know that God is going to surprise them with the work that only He can do in you and me.

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