I’m expecting!

No, not in that way.

Yet I’m am expecting and that’s wonderful, and hard. Really, really hard. Two months ago during prayer God placed a number on my heart. I’m not a numbers girl.

I don’t count people, but see them one by one.

I don’t count or measure to determine success. How many people are at an event, or not. I don’t count my books, my friends, my Facebook likes.

I don’t count what I own or what others own, but consider it all His.

But there it was. That number. That thing He wanted me to believe in BIG.

So I weighed it.

Is it of eternal value?

And it was. That sounds churchy, I know. But the benefits went beyond chalking up a win. . .  to something that lasts forever.

Is it scriptural? 

If it goes against what I find in the pages of the New Testament, then I table it. It’s not for me. But it didn’t.

I waited on it. 

Rather than leap into it, I wait. That might be one night. That might be one hour. That might even be a few seconds, if it’s something that needs action in the moment.

I let it sink into my heart. It didn’t go away.

I believed it

Oh, this is where faith had to walk in because I didn’t see it then, and I don’t see it yet. That’s when we might start trying to convince God that what He said can’t possibly be true.

Is there anything too hard for me, the Lord? Genesis 18:14

But I choose to believe. I don’t know what this is going to look like, or even what He has in mind, but I’m expecting because He’s God and He spoke it into my heart.

Maybe you are in that place of expectancy too.

Especially when it comes to healing your heart. You are reading the words in the book and following this study and they haven’t quite felt real yet.

But you know He said them so you hold tight and you believe.

Maybe like me, the reason that you struggle is that you thought it meant today.

Like.right. now!

Part of expectancy is watching it unfold. It’s seeing that it’s His hand and not our own. It’s unclenching our fists and letting it play out according to His plan.

Are you expecting? I’m so glad.

Let’s expect together!


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Hey, and it’s #livefreeThursday so lots of women are coming around the table to talk about, “I’m expecting!” I hope you check out their blogs and what they have to say. Share your thoughts. Come on in and take your place around the table.

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