Last week in The Mended Heart P31 online Bible study, licensed counselor Stephanie Clayton shared this powerful tool in healing. She asked women to write a letter to their younger self and say all the things that she needs to know.

Today is #livefreeThursday. It’s a favorite day around this community. Lots of brave girls are gathering together to share their stories as well. I love hanging out as we encourage each other!

Dear Suzie,

You’re 13. I see you at the skating rink going round and round. You’re not the girl that people seek out, but there’s a lot I see inside of you.

You’re thoughtful. You’re fierce. You love your little brothers and I hear you telling them stories at night, weaving those tales that make them feel safe and loved.

Yeah, you’re skinny. I know that. You have psoriasis and it’s embarrassing. I know that too. But one day, sweet girl, those things won’t be your identity.


I know things are hard and you keep those feelings pushed way, way down. Sometimes they erupt and you don’t know what to do with them, so you just put your head down and keep going.

I want you to know something.

You are beautiful. 

Your smile lights up a room. One day you’ll flesh out (having babies will help that along) and you’ll look back and laugh at all the times you worried about looking like ET for the rest of your life.

You are worth loving

Real love, sweet girl. I see that guy in the corner eyeing you. He knows that you’re vulnerable and that if he shows you attention there’s a good chance you’ll sit in that corner and make out. I want to scoop you up and tell you that if a guy wants something from you, but isn’t willing to give you respect and real love, then he gets kicked out the door.

Watch me. My mama-heart is not-so-gently eyeballing him and letting him know that the tender, broken girl isn’t his to conquer and then abandon.

You are fierce

You’re a fighter. Right now it shows up in the wrong ways, but that same spirit will one day make you strong.

You are seen

That day you sat on the curb, wishing you knew where to go. He saw you.

That night you slept on a co-worker’s couch because you were living as an adult at 17. He reached for you.

That day when things were so out of control and you could do nothing about it and you wanted to run away. He grieved with you.

One day you’ll realize that home isn’t necessarily a place, but feeling safe and confident on the inside. One day you’ll reach back and you’ll find God is your shelter.

One day you’ll realize that even though there are things you can’t control, there’s peace to be found. One day you’ll see that the people that are broken all around you, Jesus was reaching for them too.

So, hang tight, sweet girl. Don’t go down wrong paths out of brokenness or anger. You are worth way more than that. You’ll grow and you’ll learn and you’ll one day brim over with confidence and joy. Sounds crazy, right?

Except it’s true. I know what God is going to do on the inside of you.

From your way older self,


Join in the linkup and share your letter to your much-younger self, or share it here. I can’t wait to see what you have to say.
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