Following Jesus
My feet are dirty, dusty.

For the past year plus I’ve been walking with the disciples in the book of Luke. I’ve peeled off my high heels and my ambitions and my to-do list and my version of Christianity and settled in to listen and watch.

These guys had no idea where Jesus was leading them. You see, all they had was His word that following Him would lead them to transformation.

And it did.

So I leaned in and listened more.

What would it look like if I started living like the disciples?

What I discovered wrecked my faith in a good way. After months I started seeing my faith differently.

I saw Jesus sitting around the table with sinners as He told the religious, “It is the sick that need a doctor.”

I saw Jesus crossing the street to love people that others avoided and He offered living water, grace and truth.

I heard Jesus telling the disciples to believe big when they felt small.

I saw power that came through belief.

I watched as Jesus continually reminded these men that riches have nothing to do with the size of your TV or how much is in the bank, but in people and in loving others.

I’m wrecked in a good way.

Faith is following Jesus. It’s listening to His voice. It’s crowding out the myriad of competing noises that confuse the issue and tuning in to Him, because that will never lead us wrong.

Over the past few weeks it’s been my pleasure — oh my goodness, my honor — to be a part of this amazing P31 OBS study over The Mended Heart. I hear some of you saying, “I’m not sure what’s next.”

Listen to Him.

Follow where He leads.

Let Him continue to wreck you and your faith . . . in a beautiful way as your life and heart and thinking are changed through Him.

Dirty, dusty feet.

That’s our faith. That’s all we need, sisters. It’s enough.

More than enough for you and me.

How is God wrecking your faith. . . in a good way?


Today is #livefreeThursday and all day long we’ll be talking about “wrecked in a good way.” It’s an honest, real discussion with women from all over the nation. I hope you’ll join in. ~ Suz

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