be still

There comes a point when you’ve done everything you can.


I know that this is easier said than done. I know that I’m not walking in your shoes and I have no idea how hard it’s been. I know that all of our situations are different. I know that if you stop you might be afraid that all the house of cards are going to tumble down.

But can I tell you something? Stopping doesn’t mean that you’re giving up.

You’re just going to fight this thing in a different way.

You see, it takes a lot of energy to keep fighting when we are way past the point of what can be done in the natural.

It’s exhausting, in fact.

Stopping allows us to start.

We can start resting those anxious thoughts.

We can start putting our energy into the things we can do.

We can’t fix that person, but we can fix our response. We can’t change what they’re doing, but we can change what we’re doing that’s not working. We can’t force someone to make good decisions, but we can allow them to experience the consequences that come with bad ones.

We can speak the truth.

We can pray.

We can rest in His presence and ask for wisdom.

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14

Maybe it has nothing to do with fixing a person or a circumstance.

Instead God whispered good things to you and you are ready for it to happen. . . now, please and thank you.

You thought it was going to happen as soon as the Holy Spirit whispered it in your heart and here it is months or years later and it’s taking forever.

So you’ve devised strategies and plans and you strive and push and maybe you even exchange his plan for yours . . . because maybe He didn’t mean it after all.


If He spoke it, trust Him.

Take one small step. Then another as He leads.

Maybe it will take you longer than you thought it might, but crossing the finish line isn’t your real miracle. Walking with Jesus all the way toward the finish line is.


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