I’ve started swimming most mornings.

It’s been too cold to walk. So I put on a swim suit when it’s 39 degrees and drive to a local gym to swim.

I love swimming laps. 

I love the feel of my shoulders slicing through the water and the way that it makes me feel stronger somehow, kicking and gliding from one end to the other.

But occasionally the pool is crowded. If I’m late on those days, it pushes me over to the side of the pool where it’s more shallow. I’ve scraped my toes when I’ve kicked concrete in the shallow end.

I don’t really like the shallow end. It’s an okay way to get in the pool, but I want to be in the deep.

That’s where I am in my walk with Christ as well.

I’m not content with barriers that used to make me feel safe. Now they make me feel confined. I don’t want to splash in the shallow end of my faith, when there are so many layers and depths to be discovered.

Maybe you feel that way too.

Just last night, after a crazy busy day I was cooking for Bible study (chili, cheese, corn on the cob, and brownies, yay!) and I felt the deep calling.

To be honest, I was tempted to stay right where I was, juggling, trying to get things done, making sure the chili didn’t burn. . .

but God had something for me in the deep.

Long before I shared the Word with women around my kitchen table, he wanted to share something with me. It was a beautiful, private moment. I was pulled ten different ways doing God-things when God himself pulled me close to remind that it’s not all that I do that matters to him.

I matter to him.

So do you.

There’s riches in the deep end of our faith.


He teaches us to listen for his voice. He shows us when we’re running on empty . . . again, and stops us in our tracks just because we are his.


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Maybe, like me, it’s simply stopping long enough to listen.

It might be going deeper into the Word and allowing the power of it to challenge and change you.

Maybe it’s hearing what he speaks and doing it.

Maybe you plunged into the deep and sank like a rock (like Peter). You are afraid that this “failure” marks you for the shallow end.

No way. No how.

Your faith delights God. Get back in.

Let’s swim toward the deep.