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I’m so excited that Laura Hicks shared her story with us laura hickstoday.

Isn’t it crazy how shame (even when it’s due to the actions of others) can keep us from the God-plans the Lord wants to unfold in us?

That’s why I love her story. She shows us how to take a leap of faith when the past wants to keep you stuck. She’s courageous and wonderful and I’m so glad she dropped in to share her story with us. ~ Suzie

Several years ago I felt a stirring.

It was simply a quiet beckoning but it persisted. I knew it was from God but it didn’t make any sense whatsoever so I tried to brush it aside.

Have you ever been there? You know God is calling you but it’s so far out of your comfort zone that it seems impossible.

Ah, that pesky comfort zone. Let’s be honest, it’s one of our favorite places, because it’s…well, comfortable! It’s also the place where dreams and callings go to die.

The whisper of God’s voice calling me into youth ministry was undeniable but hard to wrap my brain around at the same time. Seriously, I don’t think you could find anyone more unqualified for this calling than me. My life had been anything but a good example for teenagers.

My own teen years were full of rebelling. Unfortunately, I ran straight into the arms of an alcohol infused, physically abusive situation. It will never cease to amaze me how quickly I was convinced I deserved the abuse.

The alcohol abuse all around me quickly became my go-to coping mechanism. In one of my drunken stupors, I chose to catch a ride with a stranger which led to being sexually assaulted.

Still tangled up in so much shame, I couldn’t fathom how God could use me.

What parent would want to have someone like me leading their impressionable youth through God’s word?

Then there was the fact that I had NO training. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I tried to reason with God. I explained to Him how there was already someone leading the youth group, so there simply wasn’t a need for me.

Isn’t it amazing that our Heavenly Father doesn’t bulldoze His way in?

He just kept gently laying it on my heart despite my stubbornness. I resisted His leading for another two years.

God didn’t waste a moment. He prepared my heart and my faith. That still small voice started to get pretty loud and it was time to trust and step out into the deep waters.

No more excuses, simply obey.

We don’t have to understand it all we just need to go where He leads. {Tweet This}

Not long after I submitted to God’s call, the woman who was leading our youth group stepped down. God had prepared me in the “off season” for the work ahead.

Venturing into the deep water can be scary.

Just because God calls us to something doesn’t necessarily make it easy. Seriously, I was terrified. I was so far out of my comfort zone I think I lapped it once or twice.

There is, however, such amazing grace found in obedience. It’s like unclogging a funnel of blessings God has had ready for you all along.

I’m still unqualified. That hasn’t changed at all. I feel completely unequipped 99% of the time.

But…I have learned it isn’t ME that matters.

all things

The fact that we aren’t qualified points all the glory back to God

I just need to keep putting one foot of faith in front of the other.

God will do the rest.

I also learned that I really DO have faith. Something I never really believed about myself, although God always knew!

Not only has God redeemed my past and the shame, He’s using it for His glory! He’s given me the strength to share my story of deliverance in our youth ministry and I’ve been blessed beyond words to watch many young people receive freedom as well.



Meet Laura

Laura Hicks has a passion for family. She’s loved animals and sharing stories since she was young. She’s ranches with her husband and two sons way out in the middle of nowhere, or as she likes to call it – God’s country. Laura trains Border Collie dogs to help on the ranch and compete in sheep and cattle trials. She believes that watching a good dog work livestock is truly poetry in motion!

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